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Thread: First Time Dealing with Deployment - Depressed

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    Sad First Time Dealing with Deployment - Depressed

    My name is Bailey. I am a 22 year old gay male and though many probably do not agree with homosexuality I ask that you please try to place that factor aside. I had to say goodbye to my best friend and boyfriend for a year as he left to be deployed to Kuwait. I have tried and tried to find ways to think of cheering myself up, but I am so worried about him and stressed to the max. I don't know what I can do to make things go better, and no one around me is going through anything like this to understand how I feel. I just need people to talk tell me more information and to reassure me things will be okay. This will be the first time we have been seperated for this long....I'm becoming a depressed mess. He is worried about me as well because I have already had a struggling problem with depression as this March I tried to kill myself and was placed into a mental health facility for a week. I'm feel like I was just getting back on my feet and happy and this just feels like its breaking me down again...HELP.
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    Welcome to MSOS, please do introduce yourself in the newbies section when you get a chance.

    We have members of this board of all kinds of sexualities so please don't worry about that being a factor of your membership here.

    Deployments are hard, but will be ok. Are you getting followup care for your stay in the mental health facility?
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    I threw myself a pity party last night. Yesterday was by far my worst day! I took a soak, drank some red, ate godiva and watched 30 Rock. I'm new at this too and it's just a great big pile of suck! However, I made a list of positives to my hubs being gone (disgusting farts, junk all over the house, etc) and I set some goals (save some money, book a vaca, work out, etc). That seems to be helping me. I joined here last night just to have somewhere to bitch so as not to scare away all my friends! Lol. In my opinion, misery loves company! So bitch away!! It might make you feel better to get it out of your system(:

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