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Thread: Another care package question...

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    Another care package question...

    I want to send another package to him and I have a couple ideas what to send, but I don't know how well they'll hold up.

    I want to make cookies. Can I make something other than sugar cookies that would survive the heat? Is there anything I could add to them to not make them so plain?

    I also want to send a disposable camera if I can find one so he can send it back. Would that survive the heat, too?

    I'll take any other suggestions, too. I'm not looking at any theme other than "stuff you don't NEED but is fun or you can eat"
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    I would think chocolate chip cookies or oatmeal cookies would be fine. The chocolate wouldnt be enough that it would hurt the cookies if they melted.

    I have a couple of care packages ive done so far, theme wise. Follow me on pinterest alysiadarling

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    I did a lot of chocolate chip cookies, my tip was to always include a slice of bread in the container to keep them fresh! As for the camera, it should be fine. DH had a laptop out there and an ipod and it did just fine.

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