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Thread: July Deployments

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    Thumb Down July Deployments

    We just found out TODAY that he is deploying in July,
    I am an independent woman just like all of you, but I graduate from my Master's program in August and I really wanted him to be here so we can get away. I KNOW, that sounds COMPLETELY selfish but we were planning a little get away with friends since my Master's program has been very difficult for me as my mother got sick around the same time I began it. Again, I know I sound selfish but what deployment doesn't come with sadness.
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    Im sorry. We have a July/August deployment thread, you should come join us!
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    I'm so sorry! That's so last minute!
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    I just posted in Newbies... I thought the first thread belongs there... so now I read this here and I think it fits into here too. My bf deploys to Qatar in July. It's the first deployment since we met and I have no idea how to deal with this. Im hoping to find people on here who go through the same I do. I think its easier to get through bad days when you can talk to people who go through the same at that time.
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    Congratulations on completing your masters! I'm sorry to hear he won't e there to celebrate in your achievement right at the moment, but I can assure you that he is proud of you. It's easier said than done, but instead of focusing on his absence, take this time to revel in your achievements and appreciate that he supported you from beginning to end, regardless if he's there to celebrate when it's all said and done. Congrats again and I'm sorry to hear you're feeling down. Bittersweet.
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    Hubs just left a couple days ago!
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