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Thread: coming home soon

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    Help coming home soon

    So my Matt is on his last full month in Afghanistan so he'll be coming home soon. I won't get to see him until his r&r comes, but I really have no idea what to expect when he comes home. I've heard that things will be different, but I don't know what different is. Anyone want to share what I'll be up against and how to cope with it?
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    Congrats my other half will be here on R&R in July for the birth of our first child. I've excited but I've heard things may not be the same as well. Just stay positive that's been my motivation for myself good luck!!!
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    I remember when DH had R&R, he had talked about all these plans he made but when he actually came home he wanted to do completely different things. My best advice would just be to be very open and flexible and follow his lead ... don't get your heart set doing specific things because he may change his mind.
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    We didn't have R&R but when dh got home from his deployment, things were not really different, they were better if anything, but felt totally normal

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