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Thread: lots of time on my hands

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    lots of time on my hands

    I am a new military wife, I am unemployed, no children, no friends where we moved, my husband is on deployment and he is all I really had in my life. I am trying to stay busy. Volunteering, looking for jobs and taking care of our pets. But there are a lot of empty hours in the day. Have other people been in my shoes? I know every deployment is hard, but I have absolutely nothing to fill my time and no one to really talk to. I thought the base would have people to reach out to, but I'm finding nothing.
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    Have you tried seeking out the frg or other support groups for military families? I am sort of in your shoes except my DH is not currently deployed, but man do I have way too much time and I'm also having a hard time finding people to connect with at this base. I try to keep busy and active and force myself to get out of the house.
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    Look into starting a new hobby.

    Are you into fitness? Join a gym.. you could make friends there..

    Try the location forum and post in your area.. you might find people on here who are nearby..

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    I am filling my time with quilting and sewing. I also hope to get a lot of genealogy done with he's away.
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    More volunteering. There are so many great organizations in need of volunteers that you could do that for 80+ hours a week, if you wanted.

    Learn something. It doesn't really matter what, but think of something interesting that you know almost nothing about, and learn it. That could be chess or magic tricks or knitting or playing piano. Get some books and internet videos, and get started.

    Work around the house. Paint something, install an organizer in your closet, clean your kitchen cabinets' inside surfaces, etc.

    Take a class. It can be anything. Oil painting, hula hooping, car repair--whatever.
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