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Thread: DB just deployed

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    DB just deployed

    my db has just been deployed an I am having a hard time getting along. I haven't really been able to sleep at night, I just feel like I have no one to turn to. Someone please help.
  2. Sarah
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    It will seem hard right now but as time progress the days does get bearable. I'm always there if you need someone to talk to.
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    Keep busy! Surround yourself with friends and family. It is ok to try and forget it for a couple hours.
    It gets getter
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    if you ever need to talk, my pm box is always open.
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    The first few days ARE hard-but they will become more bearable and you will settle into a routine. I promise! Let me know if you need anything!
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    Routines are vital! We have always had our "home" life and our "deployment" life. Being able to switch into that routine makes time go so much smoother. Do you have a support network where you live? Are you living in a military community where you can befriend people going through the same thing. Having people to both commiserate with and forget about it and remind yourself life continues on with helps so much. As for nights. I think no matter what those are hard. Everything feels so quiet and empty and every sound tends to make me jump, but the nights only last so long and they are necessary to get each day closer!
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    Hey! My DH just deployed the end of last month and it was pretty hard the first few weeks... well, thats because I dont have a car right now... but I can relate to the sleepless nights and waking up to his side of the bed cold and empty.

    Im starting to get a hold of things because I would write him everyday via email and do constructive things like figuring out creative care package ideas. Now Im waiting on school to start just so the time can go by quicker. I got a PM from him on facebook last night and he told me that he have no time to think about anything because they keep him very busy. his job runs 20 hours a day.

    so i figure, if hes going to keep busy. I should too.

    It will get easier. just hang tough
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    Hang in there! It will get better!
    Hope you are doing okay!
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    Hang in there, girl! You've got this
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    hang in there, it will get better. I never though I would believe that, but it does get better and like others said, KEEP BUSY!! we are here for can do it!!!
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