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Thread: Having One of My Moments

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    Sad Having One of My Moments

    I'm crazy in love with this man, and each day my love grows stronger. Some nights I swear that I can actually feel him lying next to me in bed, but then I realize I still have a long way to go until that actually happens again. And this isn't going to be a "one time only" kind of thing. Knowing that I'm going to have to deal with this separation for years to come causes unbelievable anxiety.

    Usually I'm OK with coping with the distance, because even when he's home we don't see each other often since he's based a few states away, but the fact that it's become a normal occurrence that his base gets bombed--so much so that he can actually sleep through IDF rockets, worries the hell out of me. We can't call them when we have something to tell them or just need someone to talk to, we can't Skype them when we want nothing more than to see their face, and we can't contact them when we just need to hear their voice to know that they're OK.

    I'd give anything to have another two seconds with him. We never even got to say goodbye. His orders moved up 2 weeks and he had to leave the following day.

    I suppose this is just a rant. Le sighhhh
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    That sounds horrible
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    .. Im sorry your having a hard time right now. It will get easier.
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    try to look at smaller steps. Don't look at the long run...find something in a month or two that you're looking forward to and make it to that. Then something a few weeks away. It's what I've been doing recently and it REALLY seems to make time go a bit faster and you reach milestones quicker.

    I know it's hard, but you can't keep dwelling and focusing on the fact that he's in danger at all times. You'll drive yourself insane. I like to tell myself that he works at a desk and/or he's on vacation .

    Feel free to PM me anytime and I hope it starts getting easier for you
    Put on your big girl panties and deal with it like a boss.

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