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Thread: freaking :(

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    freaking :(

    So I should be happy. Today I came home to flowers and candy. Then I got a phone call, and he told me he's taking r&r sometime in May. But I'm not happy today. Right now I'm sitting here crying for the first time since September.

    It's almost like when he sends me things, I just miss him more, and r&r freaks me out. What if he's changed, and I somehow haven't realized it, even though we talk on the phone daily? What if when we actually do get to spend time together & we get sick of eachother? What if he comes home for the two weeks that I can't do anything but study b/c of finals (we only have 1 big test at the end of the about mid april it's gonna be go time!)? Plus, he wants to get married over leave, and I want to wait until he comes home for good, so that if he has problems finding a job, and i'm in school (the program I'm in only allows students to work a max of 20 hrs a week) we won't starve to death. But what if I tell him that and then we never end up getting married, and we end up being one of those couples that dates for 1000000 years before ever/never getting married?

    I just can't believe it's only 2-3 months away. I know pretty soon it's going to hit me, and I'll be crazy excited. I can't believe that so far this deployment process has been relatively painless. Well, not painless, but not nearly as bad as I thought, especially now that I'm in the groove of it. I feel kind of guilty about it.

    I think part of it was because he had a bad day and was in a bad mood and when he's in a bad mood it puts me in one. He wasn't being rude to me or anything, it was all directed at work. I'm just so tired of being alone, but it's almost like I'm afraid not to be Our relationship has been long distance for so long, looking past the deployment to when he gets out of the army, I just don't know what things are going to be like.

    *I know my above comments are probably totally ridiculous, and that I'm just overreacting right now. Still, your advice & support is appreciated
    All of my heart is in Iraq!

    12 months down. A few more days to go. One Man Worth the Wait!
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    take a deep deep deep breath...

    then take another

    then take another

    ok...there is not sense worrying about things that didn't happen yet...thats why worrying is so pointless, try not to think about it yet, try to keep living your day to day and then when it gets closer think about it...theres no sense in beating yourself up over things that you dont even know are going to for the marriage should NOT get married until you are 100% READY to get married, if that is while hes home on leave then go for it, if it is when he comes home for good, do it then...just be 100% sure you feel it in your heart when you want to do it...

    I hope you feel bettere...just breathe and pm me if you want!! HUGS
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    My only advice...relax, take a deep breath...i know it's hard when they have a bad day and it makes you feel all kinds of horrible may not seem like it, but everything will work out for the best if you just take it a day at a time!

    "The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? The Lord is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?" ~ Psalm 27:1
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