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Thread: Anti-Depressants

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    Its beyond time for me to go get medicinal help. I'm reaching critical mass here. I don't want terrible sexual side effects. I don't want to sweat like a W in church. I don't want to gain a ton of weight.

    Everything I've found online seems so doom and gloom as far as side effects, so I have no idea what to request. (I hate my doctor with a purple passion, so I'm going to tell the tool what I want him to prescribe. I know I need to switch doctors, but who has time for that? I barely have time to shower.)

    Anyone have any good things to say about ANY anti-depressants?
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    lexapro I adored. It didnt do anything bad for me, it didnt make me overly truely just balanced me out.
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    Everyone is so different when it comes to medicines. What works well for some is horrible for others.

    For me, Cymbalta and Effexor worked great! They tried Zoloft and Paxil (spelled?) for me, but they both just made me sooooo sleepy! The meds work on different "areas" (for lack of a better term, since I'm not in the medical field) of the body. For example, some work with serotonins (again...I can't spell...sorry!). Others work with other "chemicals" (again...I'm not sure of the true terminology here) in the body. That is why each person varies, as to which drug works best for them.

    I'm on Cymbalta right now. While I have had some side effects (medicine head), they are quickly going away. I just started taking them two weeks ago. I have actually lost weight on them too! They take my appetite away. I definitely liked that part!
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    I take effexor for anxiety, and I love it...just don't ever miss a dose!
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    I've been taking Lexapro for about three months and I love it. It evens me out without any side effects and I've actually lost weight. There are side effects caused by Lexapro but I was lucky I didn't experience any of them.

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    lexapro is what worked the best for me...i've been on effexor, zoloft, paxil and prozac...paxil and prozac were the worst for me...but it really depends on the person, what works for one may not work for another
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    Lexapro wasn't bad, once I got over the initial headaches. I took it for a couple months last year.

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    Zoloft started out really well for me, but has kinda lost its "helpfulness". But I really didn't want anything that would change my personality completely... I dunno. I'm looking for suggestions as well.
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    nooo i dont have anything good to say about them because they arent helping me...well arent helping me as much as they should.
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    My two cents b/c I've been on most of them.

    Lexapro made me gain weight, and I had headaches constantly.

    Effexor I was always always thirsty. I had horrible night sweats, which is probably why I was thirsty all day

    Wellbutrin made me extremely ansty, unable to sleep, and mixed badly with Ambien and I hallucinated severly.

    Zoloft I adored, but it has a flat line, such as you get so far then even upping your dosage it just doesn't seem to help anymore. You typically have to not take it for 3 mths, then start over but every 6 to 9 mths you have to stop and start.

    3 months ago I was put on Cymbalta... AND I LOVE IT!!! No headaches, I've lost 8 lbs. I sleep just fine (when my daughter lets me) and I'm not medicine foggy. The first 2 weeks were rough!! EvilBubblyBelly, potty-trots, head spinny, Bad Balance, morning groggy. But after the 13th day... nothing. I didn't want to cry, scream, maim or damage anyone or anything. It was awesome. I'd highly recommend it.
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