I have entered into Month 3 of a 12 month deployment. ANd I feel like I am the only one around here. I haven't gotten 1 phonecall from the KV's. I have gotten 2 email newsletters, but that was in the 1st month or so. I have searched high and low for resources. I am a SAHM of 4 kids. One is in school, who is seven. 3 1/2 yr old twins and a 2 yr old.

My first couple deployments I did out of Mirmar and this is night and day. THe support, networking and resources out there were FABULOUS. I guess I was wrong when I thought other bases were similar. I was a KV for our squandron out in CA, I like to be involved and participate. Somehow there were fun moments, making cookies with fellow wives. Have an outing with other women in your shoes and their kids. So if anyone knows of anything, I would be grateful for any help.

I think it would help my kids to meet kids with their daddy's gone too. I am really missing the whole part of "being part of the USMC" family I guess!!