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Thread: please pray for my relationship---- LONG

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    Sad please pray for my relationship---- LONG

    DF left for iraq about 2 months ago now. this second month has been absolutely horrible... he rarely calls (once the whole month) and i know he has the time to, and when we talk online it has been different. well, i did something really stupid and really screwed up (no i did not cheat on him or anything close to that nature, just to clarify) but i still did something HORRIBLE, and it relaly hurt DF because he thinks it shows i dont trust him.
    Well i wrote him a really long myspace message about how unbelievably sorry i am (since there is no other way to reach him) and it was an amazing letter, i took the wrap for all our problems, and just told him how truly sorry i was, the only problem is, hes been on so many times since then and wont even read my messages at all. hes posted bulletins to his friends (not about our problems, just random stuff) so i know he has been on, and on for a long period of time, so he is ignoring me. I know what i did was wrong, its just i would hate for something to happen to him (since his job is dangerous and the area hes in is getting worse) its not that i think something will happen, but if something does, i wouldnt be able to help but blame myself, and i wouldnt be able to live with myself knowing or thinking that the last thing he felt toward me was anger. im really hurt right now too, but i dont wanna tell him that, i just want him to get his frustration out and work this out with me, thats what a relationship is supposed to be like. i have NEVER fucked up before in this relationship, so i was hoping he would be mature, work it out, and cut me a little slack... now its at the point where im just afraid for my relationship, i dont even know if we will make it.

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    prayers your way.
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    I can kind of relate to what you're going through. I screwed up a while back and my DB was/is in Iraq and oh my goodness, he blew it completely out porportion and was mad at me for weeks even when I had apologized a hundred times. I think it's just them being over there and the type of environment they're in that has alot to do with how they react to certain situations. I would send him another message and maybe a letter. Just try to keep communicating with him. It's much easier to ignore one message as opposed to 5. If he sees that you really are sorry for whatever it is that you've done, he'll probably come around. Just try and show him that you're still here and you're not going anywhere. I'll for you two.
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    i was going to suggest maybe writing him a letter (snail mail) and that way he can take time to read it alone. Let him know you've noticed a difference and be honest with him.

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    Just keep appologizing and loving. Things will work out.
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    May I ask, what is it that you did? If this was you're first mistake in the relationship he should be a little more forgiving, but I don't know if I should say that, not knowing what you are taking guilt for.
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    ers...i hope he can see how much you love him!

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