For those of us in the Hampton Roads area.

U.S. Military Stationed Around The World Write Home to Hampton Roads!
If you’re a Hampton Roads resident with ties to a deployed member of the U.S. Armed Forces serving anywhere outside the U.S., let them know how much it would mean to you to hear from them this holiday season.

In the Thursday, Dec. 20, edition of the Daily Press, we’ll publish brief written messages from deployed service members in a special “Letters from the Front” keepsake feature. Service members also have the option of providing photos of themselves or their loved ones to accompany their messages. Messages and photos will be published FREE of charge.

Deployed service members can complete the online order form at <,0,7570376.htmlstory>

Orders accepted Thursday, Nov. 1 through Friday, Dec. 14 Messages can be up to 500 characters, including punctuation and spaces. For the protection of service personnel and their families, messages should not mention the location of deployment or the unit with which the military member is serving. Photos are optional, and both black/white and color photos are acceptable. A photo that shows, or can be cropped to show, a close-up of the subject’s face is preferred. The Daily Press will publish as many letters and photos as they can, space permitting.

Family Members: Let your deployed loved ones know about this great program. It will be a great Holiday Gift for the kids and a memorable keepsake.