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Thread: Another deployment date change....

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    Another deployment date change....

    WTF!!! Ok... so first they move it back a month.... then they push it forward a month... then they move it back a week and a half and now they push it back to the original later date... I'm getting sick of the roller coaster ride, BUT

    I do get to keep my hubby until after Thanksgiving again!! YAY!!!!

    So that means the last 2 weeks that I've been OVERLY STRESSED and FREAKED OUT and having to worry about things I shouldn't have to on top of other stuff was all for nothing and I get to worry about things for another 2-3 weeks. UGH!

    AT least I get him for Thanksgiving. I've just had WAY too much to deal with... I really hope all of this isn't a prelude to how deployment is going to be because I don't know if I can handle all of that!

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    I hate the rollercoaster thing. I still havn't got off it lol. It's the most expensive and scary ride ever.

    Well- atleast you get thanksgiving with him hun! Better go find a turkey for 2.
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    Im glad you will have him for thanksgiving.
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    I am so glad you get to have him on Thanksgiving. Hate the roller coaster thing... good luck sweetie!
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    They need to make up thier minds!!! At least hes gonna be home now!!
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    personally i am getting so SICK of the dates mind can't take it anymore...i think hes leaving one day and then it changes to another and then another

    ok i have anxiety to begin with but this is just getting RIDIC!!!!!!
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    Yup. Let me join the club on the date change hate parade. It upsets me so much when they do it because it's like you are holding your breatha dn it's like when can I exhale already!

    I'm glad you get hubby for thanksgiving though. hun!

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