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Thread: New beginnings at the beginning of deployment

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    New beginnings at the beginning of deployment

    I recently started "seeing" my DB after I met him online. We had one really great first date and have been talking a lot since. I'm confident that we have the connection to maintain a close relationship as he his now in his pre-deployment training. He is about to be on his last leave and I am flying down to see him (only the second time meeting in person). There has been quite a bit of excitement leading up to it. I feel like I'm in the middle of this epic romance novel. Does anyone have any suggestions for me, either for our whirlwind of a rendezvous that is upcoming or to prepare as he is being deployed for a year?
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    Have tons of fun with him! The beginning of a relationship is always so fresh and flirty, I miss it sometimes, haha. Make a ton of memories and TAKE TONS OF PICTURES. What got me through a lot of DB's deployments was scrolling through his pictures during times I missed him the most. I have the most random candid shots of him that I just adore, and it's a nice way to still feel a little more connected when he's so far away.

    The best advice I've got for someone who's both starting a military relationship and going to their first deployment is this: communicate expectations clearly but also be understanding. When he's deployed, he's probably not going to have as much time to talk to you as you want to, and even though it's hard not to take personally, just remember that he's doing the best he can! But you also have to tell him what you want/expect from him. What I always tell DB when he leaves is to check in with me every few days or so, just so I know he's okay and that he's taking care of himself. I know that his schedule is crazy hectic when he's abroad, so we've compromised on him calling as much as he can and if he can't, just to send a quick email or Facebook message letting me know that how he's doing. I don't expect anymore or less than that, and it's what works for us. So be sure to lay out what you want from him and what he wants from you, and to stick to it! Communication is key to any strong relationship, and is especially important in relationships that go through deployments. Good luck :-)

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