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Thread: Cell Phone Service

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    For my boyfriend's first deployment, he bought an international plan for his provider (AT&T) but even so, we mostly spoke on Skype because the international plan was pretty restricted and costly if he were to go over minutes or texts. Now, while he's on his second deployment, we rely on Facebook for all communication.

    So if you want to save on some costs and don't want to spring for the international plans, I think it's safe to say the internet's going to be your best friend.

    Best of luck!
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    When DH went to Afghanistan, we shut off his cell phone too. He could call me from the MWR phone thing they had (forgot what it's called) and we also did email and chat from his computer. I remember him talking about people selling cell phones there with service plans but we just didn't think it would be worth the money and hassle of it. His base was quite remote, the Internet there was so terrible we couldn't even Skype, so wi-fi wasn't an option for us.

    I know in some of the bigger places he passed through, like Kuwait/Bagram/etc, they probably had wi-fi but again we didn't think it was worth the cost when there were regular phones he could use to contact me as needed. He would email me or do a quick call to check in but we didn't get to have long convos or anything like that.
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