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    I miss him so much already and he's not even gone yet. SO. MUCH. It's physically painful ALREADY. It makes me wonder how I'll get through this. I mean, I'm strong and all, but dear god.....this is gonna SUCK.
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    I know how you feel but you may just be sick dreading the goodbye. This is going to sound horrible (try not to take it that way because I love my DB with all my heart) but there was some relief for me when I said goodbye to him. I will explain why! The hardest part was done and I no longer had to dread it. Also, instead of my heart feeling like there was a giant countdown to saying goodbye, my heart felt their was a giant countdown to saying hello again! It will never be simple, but it will get easier if you focus on yourself and stay confident in your strong love. God Bless!
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    I know this is probably little comfort but for me pre-deployment is the worst phase. Been down the road several times if you ever need to chat.
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    Pre-deployment is SHIT. You will probably feel better as soon as he's gone, I know I did! It sounds horrible, but a lot of the bad feelings come from anxiety about the unknown and from dreading him being gone. Once he's actually gone it's like, okay, that's over with. I'm dealing with it. This will be fine. You end up feeling a lot more calm and focused
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    You can do this
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    Pre-deployment is awful ... no way around it. Once he is gone and you settle into your new routine it will get easier. I know it hurts, trust me I get it!

    You WILL get through this... one day at a time! Take some time before he leaves and write down some things you wish to accomplish while he is gone. Once he is gone really focus on those goals, it truly does help!

    Hang in there.. you got this!!!
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    I never went through a deployment, with everyone the weeks leading up to df PCSing were so awful! But once things settle down and you get in a routine is does get better!

    "She knew she loved him when 'home' went from being a place to being a person."
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    Pre-deployment was the worst part for me. It was like all this stuff needed to get done in such a little amount of time, and we didn't have a whole lot of time to be together in that short span, the day I took him to the airport I cried when he got on the plane and from the gate to the car, got home, cried a little more, picked myself up, started cleaning the house (which is a form of therapy for me as long as my kids aren't there), got in the bed alone, cried a little more, fell asleep, got up the next morning and picked up my daughter, came home and started planning all kinds of things to do while he was gone. I think I had more fun planning his care packages than he had opening them, lol. It's probably harder leading up to a deployment than an actual deployment. You'll get through this.

    DH: Thank you. ME: For what, babe? DH: For being you.

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