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Thread: Need a best friend for this tough time

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    "She knew she loved him when 'home' went from being a place to being a person."
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    My husband will be leaving for basic very very soon! id love to be a friend and could use one myself!
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    Hello! I think everyone has pretty much covered it , but thought I would respond as well.

    We all have our moments, but staying positive can really benefit you as well as your relationship. Deployments suck, no doubt, but if you keep a positive attitude, set up a support system and prepare yourself and your relationship before the deployment it will make things much easier!

    Set some goals - personal goals. This is the time where you can really grow as an individual. Write these goals down and cross them off as you complete them.

    Journal Entries - Write it down! Deployments mean you can't always talk to your DB when you want to - write down things to discuss during next phone call or email. Use this space as a place to write your thoughts and feelings down.

    Set up a support system - Family/ Friends you can count on when you need emotional help, something breaks at home, car trouble, etc.

    Do give yourself some time to "grieve" when DB leaves, but be sure to pick yourself back up and charge ahead. Feeling sorry for yourself sure does not help you at all! Trust me, I've done deployments both ways.... meaning positive and negative and being positive truly is the way to go.

    You might find that your relationship will gain strength during this deployment - I know ours seems to grow with each deployment.

    Always remember that deployments are temporary!!! Never, ever forget that!!!!
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