No worries girl! I barely get on a real computer any more, I'm usually just on my phone and don't feel like typing novels

That sucks you have to be apart during the week but cooking and spending time together sounds fun! I have been having fun cooking for dh. He's sort of know how it can be hard to cook for picky people because they don't like stuff? He's like the opposite, he will eat ANYTHING, even if he hates it, and so getting him to say "This is really good!" Is like a huge accomplishment cause even though he always says "thanks for cooking dinner babe!", he might have hated it and just ate it because food is fuel to him. I don't know if that makes sense and also he got more health conscious while away so he's always complaining that he's not eating enough veggies, and I was trying to come up with all these complex tasty but healthy veggies dishes (I used to be vegan, shouldn't be too hard), but then he told me what he meant by "I was eating vegetables all the time" and it was just a pile of generic cafeteria steamed veggies. So, I'm still trying to make them tasty so I enjoy them, but if I ever make something not healthy I can just pour a can of green beans on the side of his plate and he'll be happy

I love DC too! I haven't been since I was like 16. That's so nice of him to let you go to the art museum

for comms progress! I had built up in my head that dh would have this like emotion dump when he got home and tell me everything he loved that I did while he was gone, and that SO didn't happen. But slowly we've been having more and more dialogue about why and how things went right for us during this deployment. It's really nice to hear the things he noticed about my behavior and everything. Like yesterday he was like "It was just so nice that when my boss would knock on my door and say we had something to do, I could just say "hey babe gotta go, love you" and you didn't whine or cry, you just said "okay love you too". It helped my stress levels so much". It seems like a no brainer, like what am I gonna do, be like "noooooooooooooooooooo you can't hang up" but it's so nice that he noticed.

cheap beer and dressing up! Awesome!

We've been doing house stuff. He got our central vac hooked up, AMAZING. He put in a RO faucet (I had just been using the slow little fridge trickle to get drinking/cooking water from the RO).....he moved over 1000lbs of palm branches and other yard stuff! He built us a custom bed frame so we aren't sleeping on the floor anymore, and we had a shopping spree at ikea to get nice comfortors, new pillows, new pots! Uhhhhh I'm in heaven a little. And he got a table saw and chop saw (not from ikea ) so he is happy too! And we got a Sam's Club membership. I could go on and on. Feels like we're being adultish! I can't believe he'll be 30 in march. Weeeeeird...

And we spent the ikea day with his mom, so she was super happy which was awesome! She lives in Tempe so she's gonna come spend the night next week which will be fun. Her and I used to have issues, but things have been better for almost three years and I have grown to love her, and find her hilarious so I am happy!

The cyst is gone, I feel like crap though! I finally got my flu shot though. I usually get it in September because I'm high risk but the base didn't offer to dependents until November and I was sick by then so I couldn't get it. DH was so worried, he was like "we're getting you a flu shot right now!. Hopefully I'm good now. I have appointments in Feb with diabetes and CF docs so I'll probably just deal with feeling like crap until then

For whatever reason, DH and I have been laughing with each other SO much more since he got back and it makes me

What's your favorite thing?