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Thread: Deployment Pal Rules

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    Exclamation Deployment Pal Rules

    Deployment Pal Rules:

    ∑ You must have 500 posts in order to participate in Deployment Pals, with at least 25 posts in the last month before you sign up.

    ∑ You must have been a member of the board for at least 3 months before signing up for Deployment Pals.

    ∑ If you are going to be somewhere that you cannot contact your pal (Vacation, R&R, etc.) please let both your pal and I know. Failure to notify will result in a warning. You will only receive one warning.

    ∑ Contact your Pal as much as you can, at least 3 times weekly. Please contact your pal in your thread at least three times a week so I can see that you are fulfilling the requirements.

    ∑ If within the first 3 days your pal has not contacted you (and youíve tried to contact them), please let me know. If you do not contact your pal within FOUR DAYS of your thread being posted, I will add you to the list of people that cannot participate in exchanges.

    -If you do not follow through with ANY exchange/Pals program, you will be put on a list of people that cannot participate in any exchange that goes on MSOS. Please make sure you follow through and only sign up when you know you'll be able to take part and post regularly.

    How to sign up:
    There will be a sign up thread for each round of Deployment Pals about 2 weeks before the round is to begin, to allow people time to sign up and allow me time to collect the forms and match people. In the sign up thread will be that rounds form to fill out and submit (VIA PM) to me. Each round will have a set deadline for sign up, and a couple of days grace period for me to match you with your Pal. If you miss a round, donít worry, you can join in next time! Be sure to use the form that is in that roundsí thread, as questions may be added based on upcoming holidays/seasons.


    Feel free to contact me with any questions.
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