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Thread: 2 weeks down

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    2 weeks down

    So, yesterday marked 2 weeks of deployment down. I was having a really rough day today with school work, still trying to find a job, and family struggles. I came home after being out since SUPER early this morning to a package on my front door for me. I thought it was weird because I NEVER get packages (I'm a student and sadly still live at home with my parents).
    Anyway, I opened it up and it was a build-a-bear from my DB!!!
    It a penguin (one of my favorite animals) dressed up in air force blues!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He even named him 'Guin' after what I call penguins in a silly voice! lol. He even got to write me a personal message!
    I know this all may seem silly, but this is the best! I've never been treated so well even from thousands of miles away! I just wanted to share my giddie-ness with some of you!

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    Oh that's SO sweet!!! Very cute I'm glad that you got to come home to that and that he put a smile on your face!

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