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Thread: New Round Starts July 7th

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    New Round Starts July 7th


    This round will be a little shorter than usual to keep the rounds on a "month based" system. As soon as you send me your PM and get a response, feel free to start participating in the "general chat" thread, which I will put up after I get the first PM.

    Read this whole post before signing up, as well as the rules and FAQ. I repeat, Read the WHOLE POST AS WELL AS THE RULES AND FAQ *BEFORE* signing up for deployment pals. Links to threads are included in this post.

    If you want to participate in this round, please PM me the questionnaire. Please make sure you meet all of the requirements for Deployment Pals before PMing me the questionnaire. Please make sure you review the rules thread: Deployment Pals Rules

    Most importantly, you must have 250 posts in order to participate in Deployment Pals, with at least 25 posts in the last month before you sign up.

    You must have been a member of the board for at least 1 month before signing up for Deployment Pals

    I've made a thread of FAQ's here: How Deployment Pals works!

    PM the following to me:

    The Questionnaire:
    Mandatory questions have a * before them
    *Post Count:
    *How long have you been a member of MSOS?:

    *Have you been a member for over 30 days?:
    *Have you made over 25 posts in the last 30 days?:

    AIM sn:
    Yahoo sn:
    MSN sn:

    Your Birthday:
    Your Age:
    Your SO's name/your anniversary:
    Favorite color(s):
    How long has your SO been deployed?
    How many deployments have you been through?
    What branch are you with:
    Relationship status:
    How long has he been in:
    What do you want to be when you "grow" up:
    Thing you miss the most:

    What are your hobbies?
    Name your favorite...
    TV show(s):
    Type of music:
    Do you collect anything?
    Store(s) to shop in:
    Anything else you’d like your Pal to know:
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    When does the next round start?
    We Survived Deployment #1 July 2011-Feburary 2012
    We Survived Deployment #2 July 2013-April 2014

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