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Thread: An OPSEC Message from the Gator

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    Exclamation An OPSEC Message from the Gator

    What is OPSEC? OPSEC stands for OPerational SECurity.

    From wikipedia: OPSEC is a process that identifies critical information to determine if friendly actions can be observed by adversary intelligence systems, determines if information obtained by adversaries could be interpreted to be useful to them, and then executes selected measures that eliminate or reduce adversary exploitation of friendly critical information.

    This basically means that you are making sure that information isn't obtained by bad guys and used against the good guys. You might not think it's a big deal, but think of it like a puzzle. One bit of information can be pieced together with another, and then another, and then another until the bigger picture is formed. This is bad! The best way to keep this from happening is not to post ANYTHING on the internet! Each branch, unit, etc has different rules. But here on MSOS we have a very strict OPSEC policy.

    *NO EXACT DATES. This includes HOMECOMING, R&R, When they're leaving, coming home, emergency leave, going on missions, etc.

    *MONTHS ONLY. You CANNOT say “My SO will be home in XXX days/weeks/paychecks. You will get an infraction for this.

    *DO NOT post the exact camp or city that your SO is deployed to. You can say the country (example: Iraq, Kuwait, Afghanistan) and that’s it, that’s as specific as you can get.

    *Do not post the days and/or time frames that your SO is going out on a mission or any upcoming communication black outs that you know of.

    *ABSOLUTELY NO countDOWN tickers. You can have a ticker saying when they left only, and only after they left. For example, a ticker saying “My SO has been deployed for 4 months” is ok. A ticker saying “My SO will be home in 4 months, 3 days, 14 hrs, 3 minutes” is NOT.

    When in doubt, ASK. It is better to PM a staff member than to post it and get an infraction... and worse, put the information out there. Remember, it's not just your SO that you are posting about, but every member in their unit.

    If you violate OPSEC, I will eat your face.


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    I you OPSEC Gator.

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