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Thread: on the phone, over seas?

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    Neutral on the phone, over seas?

    So, my boyfriend had just recently left for over seas early dec He hasnt been over there long I know, but he called Thursday, and Friday, and he just sounded so miserable. I tried making him feel better saying I am fine (in reality I'm not); saying everything is going good, but his complete words were "If it was for you and our daughter, I would have by now went completely a wall" and I didnt know how to react at all. Its just a shocker from just being over there for a short time, and what would a long period actually do to him. He told me to tell his mom he loved her and what not, and said he was being selfish, but he only wants to talk to me. He is suppose to come home on leave in march, but he said, knowing his luck an upper would take his spot. I just dont know what to say to him to make him feel alot better. I feel like a horrible girlfriend... but i'm not.

    More info - he is suppose to be transferred in a few weeks over to a different base .
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    First you need to be careful about dates honey total opsec! And then I would say just make sure you are always positive when you talk to him. If you feel it is not getting better or he is getting worse I would contact one of his supervisors. You need to make sure that he is ok and he might need someone over there to talk to. Sometimes men are just afraid to ask for it. You probably know him better then anyone so you will have to be the judge of it!
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    I think some of this violates OPSEC. You might want to read the regulations and edit out some of the details.

    In response, I don't know that there's really anything you can say to make him feel better. Just be as supportive as you can and try to stay positive.
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    Sorry I am new to this thing...
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    It can be discouraging and overwhelming for guys when they get to such a dismal place to think that they have to be there for so long. DB is generally a pretty positive thinker and even he was pretty down when he first got over there. Give it time, once he adjusts he should start to feel better about it all. I hope so for you and him. Good luck to you both.
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