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Thread: The WIC debate

  1. Wah Its called life idiot
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    Wah Its called life idiot
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rach
    What a bunch of crap. This entire thread.

    Maybe I'll piss people off w/ what I write, but why did everyone just get upset about all this? Who gives a shit what Jennifer thinks of you? Why would you even let it get to you?

    What she wrote didn't insult me one bit. If she wants to say stupid things like that, than so be it. She is entitled to an opinion and if she wants to be an ass, than let her be one.

    I guess I don't understand why you all just got so upset about this. Yeah, I read everything she wrote. You getting upset is just letting her get to you.

    I guess I just dont give a shit enough to care. I know I"m not abusing the system but if some dumbass wants to think that about me, fuck 'em.

    Who gives a shit what she said.

    I just laugh & will keep on using it.

    Okay I have to laugh at you Rach. Sorry. but you're funny sometimes

  2. KevzQueen
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    lol, Imagine Jaxon asking for a WIC sandwich.
  3. Account Closed
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jenny_J
    BUt, hell I would!!! I got the bag the bib and all the other goodies they give you.

    I didn't get that, what the hell?!
  4. Kat
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    stand barefooted in my own front yard with a baby on my hip
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jennifer
    You all are right. I should have never come back here. Too many of you women are just pathetic. I like who I am and am pretty darn happy. Being on WIC to save money is just wrong wrong wrong. Being on WIC just because you can is wrong. WHen you all go out and buy your Coach purses and drive brand new vehicles while on a government program. I really don't want to know most of you. It is also pathetic that you all think you are owed free stuff because you are in the military. It is sad well I hope someday you learn to quit taking and start making something of yourselves.
    I knew it was only a matter of time.
    To those girls who have never "heard" Jennifer before, please do not let her bother you one bit. Really she has major issues. Mentally. LOL
    And to those of us that have known her bs.... It was a lot sooner than I thought it would be LMAO!
  5. Banned
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    You bitch who the fuck hell are you to be passing judgement you nut!!! I was on WIC as a single mother and yep I did work 2 jobs plus go to school. You are a very small minded individual. Whos to say other childres did not have special needs. So get off of your high horse. My sister is on WIC and for that I am greatful. There could have been circumstances beyond your control to have to use a program such as that. Hey I had to use food stamps too. Does that make me a bad person? Grow the fuck up!!!!
  6. pouncy0510
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    yikes, yes, she does have maor isuues. I'm ashamed to have ever met her
  7. I'm too cool for words
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    I'm too cool for words
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    Quote Originally Posted by pouncy0510
    I'm ashamed to have ever met her

    Same here. She does have some mental issues, and I am totally serious!
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