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Thread: Flags at half staff

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdizzle View Post

    you're right, they died DRINKING AND LISTENING TO MUSIC. There is absolutely no reason they should have died. They were enjoying a concert. They weren't in a war zone, they weren't in combat, they didn't sign on the dotted line, they were in Las Vegas at a country concert doing what any normal person should be able to do but instead they were brutally gunned down. THAT is why the flags were lowered. Because it's unexpected and horrific, and life changing. It's national mourning because people around the country knew someone there. They came from all over.

    Also, generally when soldiers die the community they came from will lower the flags in that area or that state. When we lost someone in my hometown they had a "parade" for him, and lowered the flags, it just wasn't a national thing.
    I’m wondering, too, what the difference is between a soldier’s death and any other workplace death. That’s really what this is, after all. Dying at work, in the course of doing their job...that happens to loggers and fishermen and farmers (all three are considered more dangerous than the military) and it’s no less sad when it’s them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LifeHappens View Post
    Disrespect, no. Shock, yes.

    I don't know if anyone read my post on 10-03-2017 01:55 AM post #55 under "Shooting in Vegas" about my plans to celebrate my 1st wedding anniversary had my DH not had his deployment extended AGAIN but I got married in Vegas a year ago 10/3. We had plans to go back to Vegas this year, Sept 30th-Oct. 7th. We would have been back at the Cosmopolitan Hotel where we got married. We would have been at the concert that night. I would have been enjoying the music, I can sing along to almost all of Jason's songs. My DH prefers classical but has become very familiar with country and classic rock over the 9 years together.)

    My intent was not disrespect, as I hope was clear. It is still rather shocking to me.
    I can definitely understand being freaked out if you were planning to attend and didn't end up going and then this happened. I think it's just the way you worded it, like drinking and listening to music vs. fighting for our freedom, maybe I read the comparison/judgment into it that wasn't there.

    Do you mean it is shocking to you that flags were lowered for the Vegas tragedy but not for each servicemember that perishes? I haven't put much thought into it lately because I'm really used to flags being ordered lowered when large scale tragedies happen. Again, I don't think it shows greater importance but in a way it is an acknowledgment that the impacts of a particular death/deaths were especially intense or far-reaching. But based on what I have read, there's no rules like "well if X people die we fly at half mast, but if X-1 die it's cool don't worry" or that if someone dies due to Y they'll lower the flags but not due to Z. There's some discretion built into the system, which is probably a good thing. And of course the private sector always has discretion which is also a good thing IMO.
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    To answer the original question, the victims of the Vegas shooting were senselessly killed while service members who die in the line of duty, well their deaths are somewhat expected given their line of work. I am in no way saying that one death is more imortant than the other. The decision the lower the flag had more to do with how tragic the event was because they really were just normal people out having a good time.

    Now the whole topic of lowering the flag for a celebrities (musicians and actors) death: is that common? I've read certain cities might do that but I've never heard of it on a national level. Again, political figures and American heroes like Niel Armstrong is different than someone like Tom Petty.

    Idk but this whole thread kind of rubs me the wrong way. It's like you're saying one death is more important than the other because people are in the military. It doesn't work that way. The fact is that some deaths impact the entire country while some are only felt on a personal level. I lost someone recently. Me, his family and friends mourned for him. He was a service member and no flag was lowered for him. Am I mad about the fact that no one ordered the flags to be lowered for him? No. Do I think his death is more or less important than the Vegas victims? No.
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