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Thread: School board bans rebel mascot

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_lepus View Post
    I thought I read or heard somewhere (maybe in a documentary) that he wasn't pro-slavery.

    ETA: Going back and reading through, he used that to boost his image as a good/strong man. I think I heard he was not for slavery in the Ken Burns documentary. Perhaps they meant as a cause for secession? I will have to read further on this because I'm curious.
    Quote Originally Posted by Southern-queen View Post
    He actually owned slaves. Some where inherited, but not all.
    See my above post.

    I am still trying to see where that documentary got the idea he was against slavery...s no luck thus far.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Southern-queen View Post
    Yeah I know. I think it is a stupid name no matter the reason.

    Yes indeedy. Slavery was not a southern thing. It was an american thing.
    Slavery was an international thing. We just happened to be near the last to get rid of it, officially
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    Quote Originally Posted by TrishAFSpouse View Post
    and where does it end?

    Look at Ole Miss.. they have been the rebels for decades, and their mascot is a confederate solider.. are they now going to have to change their entire history just because the media and sheeple say it should?
    As an Ole Miss fan/alumni they've already taken our mascot. It was a big uproar (and still has a lot of bitterness behind it among a lot of Ole Miss fans/supporters) I believe it was 2009 (maybe even 2008?) that they stopped letting "Colonel Reb" represent us on the field in sports or in the community. That's why they replaced him with a 'black bear' but we're still called "Ole Miss Rebels". It's all really ironic because they eliminated it due to the 'racism' factor and Colonel Reb was molded and characterized by a black man that used to attend the games in a 3 piece white suit every season. It originated from a black man, but no one bothered to hear the history or research the story behind it.
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