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Thread: Religion and schools

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    It could be worse.
    It's not something I object to from a literature standpoint. The Bible is a text that many other works of literature allude to or draw from and having knowledge of the Bible would definitely be important in being able to effectively understand the works being read.

    My daughter did have a difficult time in one class when her junior year English teacher crossed the line from using the Bible from a literature standpoint and turned her desk into a pulpit. But we talked about it and used it as a learning experience for her, privately, about dealing with those types of issues. She also had the opportunity to speak with another teacher of hers regarding how she felt about what was happening in English and the experience, although uncomfortable for her for a short time, ended up being a positive one.

    But she was also 17 years old when it happened and felt very comfortable communicating about these types of things with the husband and I so I knew when the study began that she would come to us if something concerned her. I don't know how I would have felt if she had been younger or had not been comfortable talking about these things with us.

    From a religious standpoint, I don't identify with anything. Well, that's a lie - I'm a Jedi! I don't believe but I don't really disbelieve either, I don't think. I really just don't think about it much. But I am a big proponent of knowledge being power and I don't believe that being exposed to the Bible or any other work that others view as religious text means that someone is attempting to convert someone. The husband and I have always felt our children should know so that they understand where others that do practice religions are coming from and so they can make their own decisions.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Andie View Post
    In that context it's akin to teaching Greek and Roman mythology. It makes sense & enhances the learning. Fact is a lot of Western works do draw on Christian mythology and themes and knowing those stories enhances the reading. I wouldn't be okay with learning religion as fact or one religion being taught as the One True Religion or whatever, but I'm not opposed to what you described.
    Yep, I don't consider it any different than reading things by Homer. To the Greeks, the mythology was their religion, it was real. It can be taught objectively. A lot of American writers use allegory, and a lot of it is religious. How would a teacher teach the Scarlet Letter if it wasn't put into context with puritanism? How do you teach the Holocaust without talking about the difference of beliefs between Christianity and Judaism?

    Religion is an important tool in the classrooms for explaining both literature and history. The moment a parent decides "oh my kid doesn't need to know that/will not be taught that" they're robbing their child of a well rounded education. In my opinion anyway.

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    Oh and in regards to my child learning things I strongly disagree with... It really depends on the grade. In younger grades I would ask for a new assignment or move my child from the class, depending on if it was a single assignment I disagreed with or a prevailing/encompassing attitude. By older grades I would talk to my child and it would be a joint decision on how to proceed. The only thing I can imagine actually needing to pull a kid from a class over would be, like, teaching "intelligent design" as scientific fact or something else blatantly false.
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