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Thread: An asking for money via social media WWYD?

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    An asking for money via social media WWYD?

    Under what circumstances would you make like a GoFundMe or something type page? Because I see people make these and it's always really strange to me. Like I kind of understand if you have a sick child whose going to needs lots of ongoing expensive medical care but I've seen people make them like "my husband got laid off two days ago, we need $$" and "I need a vacation but can't afford it please donate!!" and that's just bizarre to me?

    Personally the only way I would do it was if I had a really cool business or invention I wanted to get off the ground.
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    For me personally, I think the only time I would make one was if DH and my parents were dead and I had cancer or something and needed help. That's just me though.
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    Maybe a fundraiser for a school trip or something? My Niece has been invited to a choir camp in South Dakota this summer and it cost's $2,500. I could see that. But, I need a vacation? Just no. Get a second job and save up for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rocket_lizz View Post
    For me personally, I think the only time I would make one was if DH and my parents were dead and I had cancer or something and needed help. That's just me though.
    Agreed, it would have to be some crazy insane circumstance that would ever push me to make one.

    It seems they are popping up more and more frequently for the most ridiculous stuff. For instance, I had a friend who was constantly on/off with her boyfriend. She has an Etsy shop and took pictures of her items to put online. They were off again, and he took the camera with him so she suddenly had no way to take pictures? She immediately posted a GoFundMe for a new camera even though people were like um just use your iPhone in the meantime (we all knew they'd be back on again) and her response was that she didn't like the quality of photos from the iPhone. People donated the money, she bought the new camera, and days later they got back together and she had the old camera back

    And then there was the lady who was filing for bankruptcy and couldn't afford her dogs medical care, so posted a GoFundMe and then spent all this money at a salon because she "wanted to do something nice for herself."

    For a real legitimate cause, I'm ok with them. But it seems people just use them for whatever nowadays and expect other people to just throw money at them for the heck of it.

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    I would only do it in very dire straits AND if I'd exhausted all of my private options.
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    I wouldnt. Its my life- if I can't fund it, why should I try to make other people pay for it.
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    I, personally, would not ever. It's just not an option I would take under any circumstances. I am not bothered by them, because they're not forcing me to do anything, but I rarely contribute. When I do, it's usually the ones taking up funds for children who lose parents, or something along those lines.
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    I'd probably never start one unless I legit had zero other options. No family or friends to help, no bank to get a loan from, etc. If I started one, I'd feel as though I would have to tell donors exactly what money went where, because it's not mine - it's donated. Maybe this is because I just finished a semester full of HR/fundraising/budgeting/reporting/990s in the nonprofit setting that is making me feel that way though
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    I don't think that something like GoFundMe should ever be done for the self... If a friend or family member were sick, or died, or had some kind of crazy accident like their home being destroyed by a freak accident (or mother nature) I would consider making one for them, but I would never make a GoFundMe for me, but I would be okay with, if God forbid, one of those things happened to me, that one of my family or friends started one for me and my family. I just have a really hard time thinking it's okay to beg people for money for yourself. Raising funds for some type of cause is one thing, but begging people for money so you can buy yourself a house? That's kind of missing the point of the good deed, that's begging for money, not fund raising. (and my guess would be, that if one was started for me, unless it was REALLY bad, and I had no way of financing my own problems, I would probably end up donating the money raised to some other cause. If I was stuck in a really bad position, I would do what I could, and donate the rest.)

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    I can't think of a reason why I would. Maybe one of those ones for helping kick off a business (as investors or something) but never ever for any reason a personal life reason.
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