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Thread: An asking for money via social media WWYD?

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    I cannot think of a reason I would ever make one. I don't contribute to them either. I think they are over used and it's become a sense of entitlement to have people to give you money for your trip/dog/car/etc.
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    I've seen many of them that made sense to me and I'd say 99% of those weren't started by the people who needed the money, they are the "hey this person is suffering what can we do for them??" Kinda things. Of course I've also seen the ones on random FB pages asking for money to move cross country or a pet surgery.... Those are the ones I roll my eyes at!
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    Unless it's a medical issue or for funeral costs I think they're sooooo tacky and annoying. I'd never set one up for myself regardless, but that's the only time I don't judge the fuck out of other people for it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr.VinoVet View Post
    I wouldnt. Its my life- if I can't fund it, why should I try to make other people pay for it.

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    The truth is I never say never. Would I use it for selfish reasons? Absolutely not! But my friends sisters was visiting her friends at college and went to a st. Pattys parade, she chose to be responsible and not drink and drive, so she walked. A drunk driver hit her and pinned her between the car and a wall. She needed to have her leg amputated from her knee down. This family was obviously not expecting this and needed some help with all the cost of everything. So yes if I was ever in a situation like this id say its ok to start something like this.
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    I cannot think of a single circumstance in which I would start one of these accounts for myself.
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    I'm with a lot who say I wouldn't start one for myself but I wouldn't necessarily mind having one for me if like DH got cancer and treatments were sky high. My cousin has set one up for out of country mission trips etc. but she doesn't just post it on facebook begging everyone. She calls family personally, presents her trip and her goals for it and let's them know where it is. If they decide to donate. I guess it's not as bad, but it's kinda irritating when we have a ton of other cousins who would also like to do stuff.
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    There are WAY too many GoFundMe type things out there.. No, you shouldn't have one to help pay for your college (or your kids college), you shouldn't do one to support your kid to go on a senior trip, or a church trip, or yes even a choir trip, it should not be to help pay rent, or bills, or a vacation. DO SOMETHING to raise those funds. If its a school trip (choir, senior class, etc), hmm how about a car wash, or a bake sale, or some other type event where the child has to participate in order to get the money.

    Pay your rent or your bills.. UHM NO! Get a job. Pay for your college or kids college, again NO! get a loan..

    I created one, for my sister and nephew, when he got in a serious accident and is (Still) immobile, unable to walk or talk, and she is divorced with no income, no insurance and his father is unwilling to help... she needed money for medical bills, gas to go see him, and even money to pay the hospital so she could sleep next to his side. It was easier to do a gofundme for the family to send money via CC instead of sending a check, or cash through mail or worse.. wesetern union.

    IMO, GoFundMe type stuff should be for medical necessity or something similar where it is almost catastrophic.

    I do agree with others that said it should not be for self, but for another..
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    Luckily I live in Canada, so healthcare is covered. I find it really sad that people need to start those for medical reasons.

    Since healthcare is covered, I can't think of anything I would start one for. I find them really tacky.
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    We had a lady on another board who wanted us as a bord to fund her Disney world trip AND Disney cruise. She "homeschools" her 2 preschoolers and claimed it was a field trip. Yeah ummm no.

    There was another local girl who lost her 8 year old son in a sudden and tragic way last fall. She had 4 of them going.

    My personal favorite is my run with another on my pysch service dog page who wanted $7,000 to buy a dog. Then got passive aggressive and at some points hateful at a group of people who are like her on a fixed income and cant afford to donate. I suggested she go to the rescue like I did and get a dog for $125. She informed me that she was only going to get a full blooded high dollar dog and nothing else. And then went on again to make several posts about how she cant function without a service dog. Several YAGES later she deleted herself from the group.
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