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Thread: UCSD Professor requires students to take the final exam nude

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    Quote Originally Posted by rocket_lizz View Post
    bahahaha how have I worked here this long and not heard about this before.

    My bet is the girl 100% knew she would have to take the final nude and wouldn't admit it to her mom in case her mom lectured her or something.
    Yeah pretty much how it would've went down with my mom. Lol!

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    Someone send that lady scissors to cut the umbilical cord

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    Wow momma needs to learn to let her adult child be an adult.
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    Phhfttt, if she really wanted to do a performance piece she should have continually put on more and more clothing items while everyone took theirs off.
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    I find it to be an odd/interesting class. I doubt I would take it, but who knows. If this is an upper level vis class (though VIS 104 A made me assume it was freshmen level), then I assume those students are familiar with THEIR department and the requirements of this class prior to signing up.

    I'm a bit confused as to why the professor didn't clarify "nude" was open to interpretation when he gave his statement:
    Dominguez confirmed that students indeed have to be nude to pass the final.

    "At the very end of the class, we've done several gestures, they have to nude gesture. The prompt is to speak about or do a gesture or create an installation that says, 'what is more you than you are.'"

    He said that 20 students strip down, including him. He calls it a performance of self, in a dark room lit only by candlelight.
    Which of course, I can see is open to interpretation of what nude is. But I don't think he was as clear as the department head:
    “VIS 104A is an upper division class that Professor Dominguez has taught for 11 years. It has a number of prompts for short performances called “gestures.” These include "Your Life: With 3 Objects and 3 Sounds" and "Confessional Self," among others. Students are graded on the "Nude/Naked Self" gesture just like all the other gestures. Students are aware from the start of the class that it is a requirement, and that they can do the gesture in any number of ways without actually having to remove their clothes. Dominguez explains this – as does our advising team if concerns are raised with them. There are many ways to perform nudity or nakedness, summoning art history conventions of the nude or laying bare of one's "traumatic" or most fragile and vulnerable self. One can "be" nude while being covered.
    It wouldn't have been too difficult for him to have elaborated on the bold parts when this student came to him with concern (if she even was concerned or didn't know about it ) and when he was interviewed. IDK, just poor statements that could have been better worded to calm the mother down...

    Speaking of the mother... she's cray.
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    Its on the syllabus that the students get on day one... if they are not willing to do the final then don't take the class.
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