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Thread: Sharia Law Comes to Walmart.

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    Pretty much all of the Wally Worlds here have those signs
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    Quote Originally Posted by [his] lobster View Post
    If this wasn't baseless, offensive and racist, it would because it's so ridiculous. I'm assuming this is not from a credible news source or journalist.
    I find it particularly ironic since I live in a state where alcohol sales are banned on Sunday -- let's pause for a moment and consider which religious group one might attribute *that* to......which group is the one that does all the lobbying anytime someone dares try to get pass a law allowing said alcohol sales on Sunday............
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    Quote Originally Posted by Eye View Post
    More ominous signs of Christian persecution - Allen B. West -

    Interesting article. I do wonder if this cashier was underage or now. I've never personally a sign like that at my Walmart. They usually call over a manager if you have alcohol.
    I have worked in places that sell alcohol with cashiers under 21 and not all of them just call over someone over 21. The author of this "article" just sounds like a racist ass trying to stir up some hate.
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