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Thread: Do your kids do chores?

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    Do your kids do chores?

    I heard this discussion on the radio the other day and it got me thinking.

    Did you do chores as a kid? Do you have your kids do chores? Will you have your kids do chores?

    When I was growing up my brothers and I were required to do chores for as long as I can remember. The first one was taking out the trash, then as we got older, doing dishes, cleaning, dusting and vacuuming, laundry, etc. We always got a weekly allowance but were required to put a 1/4 into the church basket every Sunday.

    I started my boys on chores when they were little too. When they were 3 and 4 they LOVED helping mommy. LOL. But of course as they got older they don't enjoy it as much. They only chores they have are dishes each night and helping us feed all the animals every day. They do their own laundry. And poop scooping on the weekends. We don't pay them allowance though. My mom thinks that's horrific! But, we do buy them pretty much anything they ask for w/i reason. Like random video games when it's not their birthday. Or gas and fast food money for when they want to go out with their friends.

    I know lots of families that don't have their kids do any chores at all. And I find that interesting. All of my boys know how to do laundry, how to cook a simple meal, how to use the vacuum. I think they need to know at least these few things before they move out on their own.
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    I don't know what I'll do if I ever have a kid, but I think chores are somewhat important. But like when I was a kid, my chores were to wash the dishes every night and clean all the bathrooms in the house. I was fine with cleaning my own bathroom but I still think it's gross that I had to clean my parents bathroom because my stepdad was fuckin gross even now that I'm older I'm still pretty sure they took advantage of me being a kid so they could tell me to do stuff that was too gross for them to want to do.

    I was a really stupid kid and I asked to be assigned chores lol. I was like 8, all my friends had chores and I wanted some too. Sometimes I got an allowance, sometimes I didn't. It was around like $5ish and not consistent at all.
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    My sister and I always had chores. As we got slightly older (late elementary, I think), my parents let my sister and I decide who did what. They gave us the list and had us hash out, between the two of us, how to divide it up. I think that was a great idea. We redid the list periodically (maybe every 6 months?), so that if there was a chore we both hated, we could rotate it. But we also learned to negotiate with each other. If I knew my sister hated unloading the dishwasher, I might tell her I'd take that if she took setting the table and vacuuming, and then I'd also add taking out the trash. Or whatever.

    Having some control over it was really nice for us. I don't have kids, but if I did, I imagine I'd want a similar system once they were old enough.

    Oh, and sister and I got an allowance, but it wasn't tied directly to chores.

    However, there was a period where my mom started fining me $.05 for every pair of shoes I left randomly around the house, and that did come out of my allowance. But 30 years later, I still leave my shoes scattered all around the house.
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    I did chores as a kid without an allowance and my kids do chores without an allowance

    My take is I'm simply just teaching them to how to manage a household when they are older & not live in filth. I don't get paid to keep my house clean, neither should they. As far as money, they have a much better life than DH and I did but I do go over the family budget with them so long as they promise not to disclose that information to their friends. They do earn money when they steward at cat shows though which can be $20-50 a day. They know the right things to do, but I haven't been impressed with their practice of utilizing money... They are still very short sighted. I don't tell them what to do with their money because I figure if they are going to make mistakes with money, better they do it now and learn when it is easier to recover

    But for chores, like I said, it's more to me about teaching them how to live as an adult rather than a to do list
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    My boys are 6/10. They each have chores to do. They also have allowance.

    We don't purchase things for them except a few times a year. Mainly birthdays and Christmas. We also, expect them to save money on things that they want. My oldest has been saving his money for awhile to purchase an Ipod or something like that. He has purchased a Kindle Fire and takes very good care of it.

    Chores are unloading the dishwasher, scooping the cat boxes, cleaning up their room, my oldest is learning how to do laundry, and vacuuming, folding laundry, and things like that. They help make the mess, they can help clean it up. We also give them extra allowance or funds when they go above and beyond normal help.

    I think this is important and teaching them that the world doesn't just happen because we want it too. You have to save, work hard, and be respectful.

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    We all had chores growing up and Wyatt has chores now, too. He sets the table for dinner and takes the dirty dishes to the sink. He also has to feed the dogs breakfast and dinner and he lets them out back all day when ever they need to go. He's also responsible for helping to unload the dryer and take his dirty clothes out of the bathroom to our main basket upstairs. Also, not really considered a chore, but if he has an accident, he has to strip his bed sheets and put new sheets on (to the best of his ability).

    Growing up I didn't get an allowance, we were just expected to help out because we're part of the family. DH and I really haven't brought up allowance yet but we'll probably do it like DH grew up where they had normal chores that they had to do and then there was a secondary set of chores that had to get done by anyone in the family. Basically for every two extra chores, DH (or his brothers) earned X amount so if someone did all of the extra chores, they made more money.
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    Their future roommates will thank you! It was painfully obvious who never had to do anything for themselves when we got to college.

    I always had chores growing up. Though, I wish my parents had me do more household and yard maintenance stuff like they had my brother do, instead of just inside the house cleaning and cooking. Would be good to know how to do that stuff for myself now that I have a house. As for allowance, I vaguely remember getting something sometimes but it was definitely more that we knew the chores were expected of us.

    I don't have kids but I'm trying to teach my dog to put his outside toys in a bin
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    When I was probably 12/13ish, my dad and stepmom devised this chore system where they went through the house and came up with every chore possible and assigned points to it. My sister and I could then earn points by doing chores and once we reached a certain point level, we could turn those in for something - money, a new CD, a new outfit, etc. We had some things that were required and allotted no points (i.e. clean our rooms once a week, clean the bathroom every other week, etc). But the point chores were everything from wash the baseboards, to clean the sliding glass doors, to restock the firewood, etc. My parents loved it until my sister and I got smart and we divided chores between us so we could earn the most points possible and kept turning them in for money After our parents caught on to what we were doing, they got rid of the point system and just started giving us a weekly allowance

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    Honestly I didn't have chores and it set me up with really bad habits. I don't know why my mom made her job so much harder. There were 4 of us. Instead of getting us to help she hired a housekeeper as soon as she could afford one. I have DS who is 6 do a couple things. He's in charge of getting all the laundry to the laundry room and cleaning up after himself. He's in charge of feeding the dogs too but I don't trust him with the dishes yet.
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    Growing up we had to make sure toys we played with were put away, and when we finished our dinners we were expected to clean our own plates and put them int he dishwasher. I dont know if general cleaning up after yourself (vs helping to clean the home itself or help do stuff at home) counts as chores. If not, then no, we didnt have chores. We were only expected to clean up any messes that we made or contributed to. Most likely because we had au pairs that did the laundry/cleaning, and maids came and cleaned the house twice a week. My sister and I did have a very large weekly allowance, and could ask for more whenever we wanted.

    I dont know what I expect of our future kids, besides what was expected of me, which was to be a good, orderly, clean house-mate. If we dont have maids, then I may have them help do some vaccuuming or something, but probably not until they are way into their teens.
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