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Thread: Google Glass in public places?

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    Google Glass in public places?

    I've seen several stories about this lately and was wondering what everyone thought about it! Pretty much the gist of what I'm reading is that a lot of people feel like nobody should be wearing them in public places, mostly out of the worry of being photographed/recorded without their consent. We had a thing about it at work too where they were banned at the office.

    So, my personal opinion is that I don't really care if someone has them around me. Yes, it is possible to take my picture or record audio of me. But I also feel like that's possible with a cell phone, or even other devices that might not be as obvious. If they wanted to be sneaky about it, I think wearing Google Glass would be a terrible way to go about that, because they really stand out in general.

    I know at work they were banned for potential security reasons, which I don't really care it's not like I have a pair anyway (don't plan on getting them either), but I also think cell phones pose security risks too. And the last bank I worked for actually had a ban on cell phones at the office due to those security concerns.

    But anyway what are your thoughts? Would it bother you to be around someone wearing them at like a bar/restaurant/park/other public place?
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    It could be worse.
    I honestly don't have an opinion on them but I've also never seen anyone with one on.
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    I get the concern and I expect a lot employers like banks, pharmacies, ect pretty anywhere where peoples' info is at risk of being stolen are going to be having discussions about them. I personally wouldn't want to walk into any of those places and see an employee using them while working.
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    Ive not heard about these until this. Very interesting technology. I wouldnt be freaked out at all if someone around me were to wear them. They are no more a security risk than a smart phone. In fact, I think it would be more obvious than a phone. I totally understand not wanting it in certain situations (certain jobs, movies, ect). But the same can be said for any camera or cell phone.
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    It doesn't really affect me, but I find the idea of google glass exasperating. With cell phnes I find some people just use poor judgement and pull it out to fiddle with at inappropriate times. Google glasses just amplifies that anytime, anywhere attitude.
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    I really don't care. If I'm doing something that I do not want to be recorded... I shouldn't be doing it in public. Period. I actually met a woman who was on the design team and she let me try hers on. I mean it was kind of cool but it isn't my cup of tea. I agree with PPs that in certain workplaces they should not be allowed but in public on somebody's spare time I really don't care!
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    I don't even know if I would know anyone was wearing them around me.
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    I don't like the idea of being recorded by strangers in general but with smart phones/camera phones it's a part of life now
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    I didn't realize these were even available yet!

    I don't think I will really mind. There's not much privacy with cell phones these days.

    It will be interesting to see what fun developments these bring though!
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    Don't care. I wouldn't do it.

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