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Thread: Would this piss you off?

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    Would this piss you off?

    $5, $10, $20, and $100 Dollar Bill Drop Cards, Money Business Cards

    Debating on getting some new business cards. A fellow designer with O2 got these and has generated some leads.

    I think $100 might piss someone off too much. LOL. Then again.....
  2. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    It wouldn't piss me off. But I don't do business with people who are deceptive, so it wouldn't generate leads from me.
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    It wouldn't piss me off, but I'd consider it obnoxious and extremely unprofessional, so not only would it not get my business, it would make me actively avoid doing business with the person.

    If someone needs to use deception and gimmicks to get my business, it doesn't say much about their professionalism, IMO.
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    I honestly don't see the point of these cards. I think they look tacky and it feels like the objective (fool your potential clients by "giving" them money) is tacky and classless.
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    Piss me off? No, I'd probably throw it out without looking at it. No stranger is going to hand me legit cash. I would assume they were trying to sell me something, roll my eyes a little, and watch for the next trash can.
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    I think it's tacky but I don't know that I'd actually be mad about it.

    I've seen those though! Some old man came up to me at my job and gave me a $50 one and told me to read it while he was getting his cash together. The back of it was some religious message. It was so damn annoying. I was like sir I'm working right now and then he pestered me and asked me if I'm religious. I just have a bad taste in my mouth from them because that guy was a jerkoff.
  7. I Will Rise Above
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    I don't like them for business cards I find it unprofessional. I think at JBs as a pass around or handout during a recruiting bid so the purpose is known, I think that is okay, but not for professional business cards.
  8. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    It wouldn't piss me off but I also don't really like them for business cards. I like simple and clean and that's how mine are but I guess that is just personal preference.
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    I wouldn't take you seriously. You would lose any credibility of honesty with me.
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    It wouldnt piss me off, but I think its tacky. I do think they would be ok for business cards to be handed out at the place for certain types of businesses. Like I could see that sort of design at a loan place or something. I would be turned off if they were just thrown around to be found at random, though.
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