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Thread: 6 year old Ryland transitions from girl to boy

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    6 year old Ryland transitions from girl to boy

    Transgender 6-Year-Old Ryland Whittington Transitions From Girl To Boy | Bossip

    Put in debates for the simple fact that not everyone will agree to what these parents did. Even if they don't post it here there are people here who would not allow this to happen in their family.

    Anyway, I think this is great. I would love to think I would be like these parents but without being in the middle I can't say 100%. Only like 98%. What do you think your reaction would be.
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    I'd hope to be as awesome as these parents are about it. I have a cousin who was born a girl but chooses to dress as a boy, he's 12 and in my nieces wedding this summer he was a ring bearer instead of a flower girl. His parents and everyone have been really supportive.
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    I teared up when I saw this. They seem like loving, dedicated parents who were able to adapt and thrive when faced with the unexpected.
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    I've watched a few documentaries about transgender kids and it's always so interesting to see how families react. I'm glad that young man has such an excellent support system.

    I Eelizah
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    I saw this earlier on FB and it honestly made me tear up. I am so glad those parents were so loving and supportive of him.
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    This makes me happy.
    Beth, Mama to Emmalee (12), Evan (9), and Ella (4 on May 7) (I really REALLY need to update my picture!)
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    It makes me happy to know there are parents out there like this! what a touching story
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    I am so happy this little boy was blessed with such great parents. How wonderful. I would like to think I would be just as accepting. I am not in the situation but I couldn't imagine loving my kid any less. I would only want their happiness.
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    The comments really pissed me off. Since he's so young, that means he doesn't know who he is?? Bullshit. I'm so glad he was born into a family that is so accepting of who he is.
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