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Thread: Wealth Inequality in America

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    Wealth Inequality in America

    Just saw this video on UpWorthy, it's a great visual of how wealth is distributed, how we think it is distributed, and what Americans think the ideal distribution would look like.

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    I don't want wealth distribution on a mass scale. That's a communist ideal Things like this don't greatly bother me.

    ETA: I should specify that the CHANGING distribution bothers me. The figure from the 1970s to today is uncomfortable because it shows a disappearing middle class. But the concept of the "ideal" being that the poorest of the poor's income is only removed from the richest of the rich's income by a factor of 10-- that seems way too extreme for me. I would NOT label the ideal as ideal, rather the misconception of reality as the ideal state.

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    I saw taht video and it was interesting, especially to look at what Americans think is ideal.

    I mean I don't think everyone should have the exact same amount of money or anything. But I do think it's interesting to see the percetion vs reality.
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    I think it's sad personally that there is such a drastic discrepancy. I don't think I have communist ideals, I just don't think the richest people should have so much of the wealth while people can't even make enough to scrape by.
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    That really is an amazing visual! I don't know how I feel about distribution, but I liked seeing the facts.

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