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Thread: Christians remind everyone they're 'not all like that' on LGBT issues

  1. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    Christians remind everyone they're 'not all like that' on LGBT issues

    While there are Christians who believe that being lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender is not acceptable in the eyes of God, there are also many who preach acceptance and want people to know that they are "not all like that." The NALT Christian project is collecting videos made by Christians around the country who believe that LGBT people are welcome and important members of their churches and communities. Watch this video made by the Lord family (yes, that's actually their name) in Memphis, Tenn., and in under a minute you'll find out what matters to them is a loving acceptance of all people as equals. Inspired by the "It Gets Better" project started by Dan Savage, the NALT website launched on Sept. 4.
    NALT Christian project shows Christians are 'not all like that' about gay people

    I am so encouraged by seeing that there are all of these other Christians out there who are pro-LGBT! It's easy to feel like a black sheep in the Christian community when you're pro-gay marriage, especially when you support it not just for the sake of free will, but because you don't think that being gay is sinful. I feel like most Christians that I meet are either 1) anti-LGBT or 2) folks who are more what I think of as "secular Christians". It's so rare to find people who are openly avid Christians who are ALSO pro-LGBT.

    Anyways, I have a poll for where you fall out of curiosity. What are your thoughts on this movement? Is it one that you would support? I'll say that I struggle a bit with the title "Not All Like That" because it feels divisive. I feel like we need to change the minds the Church, not create another Martin Luther-esque split. You?

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    I am a Christian (a non practicing Catholic) and I am all for equality in marriage.
  3. be silly. be honest. be kind.
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    Right there with you Kat

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    I'm a Christian, Catholic to be specific, and I am completely for marriage equality.

    I've never felt like a black sheep before though.

    While I like the "It Gets Better" campaign, I get a little over all the Christians who feel the need to constantly say how they are pro-gay or are tolerant of homosexuals. I can't put my finger on it, but it just irks me.
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    I was raised Baptist. I still identify as Christian, though not with a denomination. I was anti-gay marriage up until a few years ago, just because I was raised to believe it is wrong. Now I am pro-equality.
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    Non Christian for marriage equality.

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    I'm a Christ follower and pro marriage equality.
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    I'm also a Christian who doesn't believe that being LGBT is a sin. I'm really struggling with the church we attend, because I know that they DO believe it's a sin (even though they don't talk about it or shove it down anyone's throats, I know it's "there"... it's an Assemblies of God church). I choose to follow what Jesus taught through His words and actions, and I believe that he taught us to LOVE. I don't know how LOVE can be sin.
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    I'm non denominational Christian and I'm completely for marriage equality!

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    Catholic and I support anyone that wants to get married.
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