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Thread: Circumcision?

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    Are you for or against it and why?
    We had Erik circumcized, and this little guy will be as well....I heard it helps prevent infections from stuff getting stuck between the skin. I know it can be painful, but when Erik has his done his doctor was sooo good that Erik stayed sleeping.

    Just curious on everyone's opinions.
  2. Button
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    when i eventually have kids, if i have any boys, they will be circumcised. for the same reasons, the health reasons.
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    I'm all for it-Its healthier in the long run & we all want what we feel is the best for our sons right?
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    I don't have kids but if I had a son I wouldn't do it.
    Infections can be prevented by simply washing.
    The policy to circumcise every boy is a fairly new one, the penis in it's original state seemed to work just fine for the majority of history.

    I don't like the concept of chopping things off and I would want my son to have maximum sexual enjoyment when he gets older (an uncircumcised penis is supossed to be more sensitive)
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    from all the evidence i've read there's really nothing that swayed me either way. they've actually said that there's no proof that an uncircumcised penis is any more sensitive, no proof that circumcision has any major health benefits.

    all that said i had hayden circumcised. personally i felt it would be cleaner and easier to take care of. i left the decision up to jason mostly since he was the one with a penis and he wanted to have it done as well. it didn't seem to bother hayden. they gave him a local anesthetic and he was just fine. i really don't think it's some barbaric thing that those against it make it out to be.
  6. stacy
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    We plan to have this little boy done....I had never really thought about it until we found out we had a boy on the way but dh and I both agree it is best from many different aspects
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    I had my son done and if we ever have anthoer boy he will also get it done.
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    both of mine are and it was something that we felt was best for our sons
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    Quote Originally Posted by Me&D
    I don't have kids but if I had a son I wouldn't do it.
    Infections can be prevented by simply washing.
    I agree. In the UK the practice of circumcision isn't observed, unless there's a genuine medical need for it. I dont think I could bear putting my kid through it without good reason.
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    Ethan is.

    Yeah infections can be prevented by washing but they are still more prone. A friend of mine who's son isnt always deals with UTI's in her son. And she is very clean. She would change his diapers hourly, he is now potty trained etc. But she doesn't regret it because her hubby isn't. Could have nothing to do with the fact he isnt circumsized but..she firmly believes in NOT circumsizing and she did mention to me that I can get away with not changing Ethan as frequently since he is circumsized and her son isnt...

    FOr ROd and I it really wasnt much of a discussion. Rod is so we wanted our son to be. They gave Ethan a local, he was none the wiser, it healed fast etc. Honestly I am the one who was upset about it. He didn't even really cry. They took hima way, gave him tylenol and a local, did it, brought him back and that was that. He wasn't any more fussy, wasn't upset etc.

    Honestly, even tho I have been with men before my dh...I had actually never seen an uncircumsized penis until I was reading thru one of my pregnancy books.

    It boils down to personal decision. Don't knock my decision for circumsizing and I wont knock yours for not..kwim? I don;t say nothing to my friend and she has learned to not say anything to me. It was her decision for her son, and my decision for mine. I have no regrets and if we have another boy we will also circumsize.
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