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Thread: Circumcision?

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    We had Aaron done the day after he was born, it din't hurt him he just layed there for the doctor and even if it did hurt him he doens't remember it now anyways. Adam and I both agreed we wanted this done for him. Plus it is easier to keep him clean down there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by CoffeeGirl
    I'm all for it-Its healthier in the long run & we all want what we feel is the best for our sons right?


    Also, let me add that a uncircumcized penis does have a bad odor. When I was watching this little boy last year, he was not circumcised, and let me tell had schmegma green stuff and smelled horrible. I would bring it up to the parents, but they were like "Well, we wash it"
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    OMG Sarah I watched 2 kids in SC that were not. They were very clean but it was just something we felt best for our boys. And I am still friends with their mother we never talked about it actually
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    They have found that there is no medical reason for circumcision now.

    However all 3 of my boys are circumcized. My husband is and I did my first son under the belief that it was cleaner (and just the fact that I think it's better) so after that I don't see why I WOULDN'T get all my boys circumsized.
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    If I had a son, I would definitely do it
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    My son is done, we both just felt like it was what was best for him.
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    Well from having to actually assist in the surgery to have an adult circumsized I am definately going to have my son done at birth.
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    Yes, my son is. I will admit it is purely for social reasons. My DH is, and I wanted my son, and my DH to be the "same" down there. There is evidence to suggest there is a higher occurence of UTIs on baby boys that are not, but that really didn't affect my decision.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sarah
    .it had schmegma green stuff and smelled horrible. I would bring it up to the parents, but they were like "Well, we wash it"
    apparently they don't clean it very well. eww. but yea, i would circumcise because it's easier to keep clean not just when I'm cleaning him but when he starts cleaning himself. from DH's perspective, it's a religious thing anyway (he's Jewish).
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    All 3 of my boys are. I just didn't want to have to rely on them as they get older to keep it clean. There is only so long you can help your boy out in the bath tub and for two I did not want them to grow older and decide that they wanted to have it done because I have heard that is much more painful when they are older. None of my boys cried at all, the twins actually slept through theirs.
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