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Thread: S/O Living Together and Marriage

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrishAFSpouse View Post
    Even from a religious perspective, depending on the religion, even living together is frowned upon. In some Bibles (and forgive me but I don't know the verse, and this is a paraphrase) it states that a woman is to go from her family home to her husband's home only at the time of wed (or something like that). I don't want to turn this into a religious debate, but some can say that living together but wanting to get married in the eyes of God is hypocritical. You can't be religious and want to follow God and still live together (like I said, some religions are this way, others are not).

    I still am having a hard time grasping the need to make sure you iron out the living together, making sure you are compatible, etc. If you love each other, it shouldn't matter. Maybe my vision is skewed because I haven't ever had an issue, IDK.
    Living with someone is a whole different ball game. When my best friend and I moved in together, it completely changed our relationship. It was different having her "on call" (so to speak) and being able to just walk into her room when I needed her. So living with someone adds a whole new dynamic to the relationship. Some people want to be sure that is something they can handle before marrying the other person. Marriage is a big commitment and divorce is difficult to have to go through. So living together is one step closer to marriage for some.

    Now personally, I want to be engaged before DB and I move in together. But thats because DB and I have never even lived in the same state. Its totally different being LD and being able to hang up on Skype, and being close by where there is easier access. I'd really like to live close to him first before moving right in with him because it'll hopefully be a smoother transition and honestly, less of a commitment. DB and I like to be sure about things before we do them and moving in with an engagement ring attached is one of them.

    I can see where you're coming from that if people were at least committed to their relationship that they can get through the living together and being married part. Unfortunately, some people aren't like that and need to test things out before taking a dive.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Candice. View Post
    To me it's only partly about living together and a routine of that. For the most part I just want to make that commitment in front of god, and to the law saying we promise to be together forever. I want to be a wife, I want him to be my husband and I absolutely LOVE that we have the same last name.

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