San Diego Police Attack and Arrest Man Video Recording Them, Claiming Phone Could be a Weapon (Updated) | PINAC

Granted this site is polarizing as fuck, so please just disregard that entire article and just watch the video. Go to the link, watch the second video in the article where officer Reinhold states that their police department is trained to consider cellphones potential converted guns.

In my opinion, this is a new method to try and skirt the law on recording police working in public. In more than two States police have lost their court case where they stated recording them in public is a wiretapping offense and therefore should not be allowed (and felonious) - in a defense to justify them arresting people and confiscating their cellphones permanently when they were being recorded in the act of placing someone under arrest. Now, in this city at least, police are considering cellphones to be potentially life threatening in an aim to prevent them from being recorded due to officers having the right to demand people not do anything threatening in their presence - for their own safety.

Thoughts? Comments?