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Thread: April Fools' jokes.

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    I think it's overdramatic, but I get annoyed by the multiple pregnancy announcements.

    One spouse at our base bought Taco Bell for her husbands shop and brought it in Chick-fil-a bags (no Chickfila in AK). I thought that was pretty cute and amusing.
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    Like nightingail said, any joke could offend/hurt someone's feelings. With that said, I'm not a fan of doing something like that on FB. To your husband or mother (if you have the right relationship with her)? That would be kinda funny. I haven't den it but I did send DH an email telling him we're having a twins. I'm sending the April fools email today so that he reads them in the right order. He'll get a laugh and probably not believe me since we always get each other on April Fools.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post
    I've never seen one. I see those "We're excepting... Santa Claus in ___ days." statuses or whatever they say. I can't remember. I, actually, see those quite a lot, but no one's complained. What makes today different?

    Although, I do tell DH I'm pregnant. every. year. and that Bixler ran away.

    I think he's catching on.

    ETA: pregant?

    That's awesome.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ajax View Post

    I shared this on my FB wall because we went through a miscarriage back in August of 2011 and we are dealing with unexplained infertility (almost at our 3 and a half year mark ). April Fool's jokes involving pregnancy I find distasteful when done in a public way but I may just feel that way because of what we are going through. If I saw one of my friends on FB post a joke like this, I would probably just shake my head and keep scrolling.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linzerfufu View Post
    I think it's a smidge over-dramatic, but in general, I loathe that prank.
    Agreed, that "I'm pregnant" April Fools joke is extremely unoriginal.
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    One of my friends texted me saying "I'm pregnant." I wasn't even aware of the date. She would be on her fourth child, one of whom lives with her parents a few hours away. They also live with her fiancés parents with their two children. I am so upset with her that she "joked" with me like that. DH and I have been not trying/not preventing for over four years now. Over two of those years were spent actively trying. She knows all of this, and knows about our upcoming IVF cycle.

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    I don't know that I would word it precisely that way but I can appreciate the sentiment.

    I also don't understand why a slew of people would joke about something that's so gravid.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linzerfufu View Post
    I think it's a smidge over-dramatic, but in general, I loathe that prank.
    Im going to say this is how I feel, but I would go further than calling the over-reaction-dramatic a "smidge".
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