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Thread: "I'm Gay and I Oppose Same-Sex Marriage"

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    Frankly, I got stuck on the title already. "I'm gay and I oppose gay marriage." So effing what? I am heterosexual, if I opposed heterosexual marriage, does this mean no one else should be allowed to be heterosexually married? If I am a feminist and oppose working moms, does it mean no mother should be allowed to work, because hey, a feminist opposes it, must mean we shouldn't allow it! If I were black, and opposed inter-racial relationships, should we ban them too?! I think gay marriage opponents should get it through their thick skulls that THEY DON'T HAVE TO DO IT! Don't gay marry! Don't straight marry! Don't marry at all! Equality in the choice to fucking fucking marry ever. Key word here being "choice."

    As for the whole mom&dad thing... well, my parents are as straight as rulers, and the only "father figure" I had was my *sister*, because my father up and left, and she took the role in practice. Was it ideal? No, but guess what? Gayness had nothing to do with it. My father is straight, and still sucked at fatherhood. Having two moms would have been much better.
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    Quote Originally Posted by linzerfufu View Post
    I think I'm going to be sick. There's just SO MUCH WRONG with what he's saying that I don't even know where to begin.
    There are quite a few different angles that I want to address this from. I'll go with the idea that a married heterosexual couple is the best recipe for child rearing. Raising a child in a dysfunctional relationship is not a positive! It doesn't model healthy relationships for the children and I would counter that it can give them the wrong impression of what a healthy relationship looks like. What matters is that a child has A person, just one (if there are more great) who loves them unconditionally and can raise them in a safe healthy environment.

    When I hear this man's description of marriage it makes me sad. Both him and his wife have sacrificed intimacy for the unproven notion that his kids will be messed up if they are raised in a divorce household. But what is he teaching his kids? To squash down who you are, to deny your own happiness in the pursuit of some "ideal" marriage. What will the kids take from that lesson?

    I also find his argument about 2 parent heterosexual households incredibly offensive to single parents, widows, grandparents and other "nontraditional" families.

    Love makes a family. Period.
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    I don't know where to start. While interesting, I believe this man is applying his personal experiences to a subjective argument that shouldn't extend to others outside his situation. I also don't understand why he paints same-sex marriage or relationships as overly erotic and devoid of meaningful love, while not defining heterosexual marriage as erotic. For him, as someone said, it's martyrdom and he sounds awfully proud of it. He's showing his love for his family by denying his own desires. The problem is, his desires wouldn't necessarily mean harm towards his family. But he is convinced, and so it is. (this isn't very articulate, is it? ha)

    Also, when he quotes Regnerus at the end... take everything Regnerus says with a grain of salt. The studies he has performed are so methodologically flawed and statistically biased that they don't even come close to touching on the topic of same-sex marriage families.
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