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Thread: "Healthy" "Attractive"

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    Quote Originally Posted by amandabcdefg View Post
    i'm sorry.. to me, saying "being overweight is preventable.. its not that hard to lower calories and work out more" to people who are overweight is pretty much like telling an anorexic woman "this was preventable, its not that hard to just eat.." but most people would never say that to someone with anorexia...

    anorexia is preventable too, but thats treated as a disease and they need help. being overweight, you are basically labeled lazy, unattractive, and unhealthy - you just need to change your ways and do something about it. but a lot of the time, over eating is just as much of a eating disorder as anorexia.

    i know for me personally its going to be a struggle for the rest of my life, even when i get to a healthy weight (slowly but surely, about 50lbs to go).

    i don't look at underweight people who are trying to gain weight and act like i understand what they are going through, because i don't. everyone struggles with different things. just like in the 'other' thread, there were people who struggled with eating disorders who felt for the model because they had been there.. there are plenty of women in this thread who are on the other side of that and feel for others who are overweight. same thing, just a different side of it
    Well said. I'm tired of being called/perceived as lazy and have bad hygiene just because I'm obese. I don't get that label at all....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Loving View Post
    My thoughts are that very, very few people choose to be overweight. Choosing behaviors that contribute to obesity is not the same thing as choosing obesity.

    I pinned something on Pinterest the other day that said "The only thing that anyone can diagnose, with any certainty, by looking at a fat person, is their own level of stereotype and prejudice toward fat people." (Marilyn Wann, "Fat Studies: An Invitation to Revolution"

    I heartily agree. Every single person has their own story, their own journey, that led to their current size. You can guess that story by looking at someone as well as you can accurately guess their social security number.

    I think the way that we look at weight in this culture is incredibly unhealthy, and the way weight loss is approached in this culture is incredibly unhealthy. I also find the campaigns that would tell people that "overweight can be healthy" to be very, very dangerous. Overweight people should be neither condemned nor coddled by the medical and psychological communities. On another note- I think it's dangerous for the medical community to continue using BMI as a measurement of health.

    I have millions and billions of thoughts on weight issues, but I'll watch the direction of the thread before I expound. I could go on for ages.

    Quote Originally Posted by oohrah_baby View Post
    It really depends on what I'm "seeing" behind just the weight. I don't look at all "overweight" people the same. If their body type is not designed for it, and if they seriously look unhealthy (eyes, skin color, ect.) then I don't think that's attractive.

    Honestly, I feel the same as I did in the other thread. If I'm looking at death, it saddens me. But I know better than to attribute weight to being lazy and I dont think it's disgusting. Poverty, for one, a social issue, tends to cause obesity. You don't know what someone's life is like until you've lived it, so it's kinda fucked up to judge.

    Quote Originally Posted by Andie View Post
    Habits are damn hard to break. Brains are wired into being "food nom!" because food is, like, essential to life. And then when you get in the habit of eating a lot of food it's hard to cut back and realize what a normal amount is. If you're obese working out is harder than it is for average sized people. Then there's social/geographical/time/financial/education barriers. Then once you get to the point where they're eating realtively healthy and working out, weight comes off slowly and people get discouraged. Not to mention medical issues that can make you hungry all. the. time. And, basically, there are a lot of reasons losing weight is hard.

    Quote Originally Posted by LadyLouWho View Post
    One comment because this thread is just too sad.

    As to why it's "so hard to limit calories and workout" ask a person addicted to heroin and cocaine to use every single day, but never a little too much. It's the same neurobiologically. Endorphins and dopamine. In fact, one could argue food is harder because a person can live without drugs, but not without food. That's what makes it so hard. Not to mention eating is a socially approved coping skill, whereas shooting up generally isn't. When you go to a social function what's on the table? Food.

    Oh, and should I bring up the abstinence violation effect? That's HUGE with dieting.

    So I'm so glad you (general) never struggled to lose weight, but to say or imply it's easy minimizes the achievements of people who have lost weight; and further lowers the self-efficacy of people that are still trying.

    I agree with all of these and others, i'm pretty much shocked about some of the responses in this thread wow just wow.

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    Here's what I have to say.

    DH is "overweight." I am "normal" for my height. But guess who PTs everyday and guess who sits around watching tv 7 days a week. Being "overweight" has nothing to to do with lazy. DH works very hard but he has a big build and when he is "normal" it looks like he has anorexia because he is not meant to be that small.
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    Personally, I have felt MUCH better since taking the time to invest in myself and my health. Eating fruits, vegetables, lean protein and dairy, and complex carbohydrates every day instead of the junk I was eating with DH along with exercising every day has given me so much more energy.

    With that said, I would be categorized as slighty overweight. Most of which is baby weight I still need to lose but also it is just my build. I talked to my doctor and she said that using the BMI index with me would be pointless because I am so muscular I would have to starve myself to be in the lower normal healthy BMI range, which wouldn't be good for me at all.

    DH on the other hand is 6'3 and 165 pounds. He drinks at least 6 Dr. Peppers any given day, considers deep fried a major food group, and buys Costco packs of candy that he polishes off in a few days. Yet, I am the one carrying a stigma because I am almost in the overweight category? Life is so weird and unfair sometimes lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by blackhand View Post
    I hope you realize that this is the kind of "overweight/obese people are greasy, poorly dressed, eating x cheeseburgers" stereotyping that does absolutely nothing to help the situation.

    Previous posters have already covered the myriad reasons why someone's weight might spiral out of control and is a struggle to lose, so I suggest going back and reading those (particularly posts by Malfoy, AeonLux and Loving), but the process behind any weight extremity is not simple at all.
    I didn't just say over weight/obese people, I said I feel that way about anyone in general. If you are not taking care of yourself as in showering, wearing clean clothes, bad breath along with clothes that are too tight (regardless of size) greasy hair, etc I find that to be gross. I didn't say over weight/obese people are gross and look that way, nor do I think that. If you're over weight/obese/moridbly obese and are put together I don't consider that person gross. I literally meant the term gross as dirty as not being hygentically clean. I did say I find it gross if they are not trying to change the situation, which I don't see how that is offensive. I also know there are a ton of reasons why someones weight might sprial out of control and no where did I say it's not a struggle or that loosing weight is easy.

    *Just went and re-read my post.
    "When you become obese (aside from medical issues) it seems like the person did nothing to prevent it from happening and it bothers me." and the "Being morbidly obese, I just cannot understand how that happens."

    I know weight can creep up on you but you notice when your body gains a significant amout of weight (I'm talking about 20lbs or more) and IMO as someone who has struggled with weight since I've been a child and have been called fat, when you realise you are putting on weight it time to maybe do some adjustments. If you don't eat that well, try to cut out something or switch it for something else. (Even if it's just as simple as buying low-fat cream cheese instead of the regular.) Do something, even if it's little. That's what I mean by trying to change the situation.
    The morbidly obese comment, again without it being medical I don't understand how someone can let that happen to their body. (By let I mean sit back and do literally nothing as in choosing to be that way.) You don't wake up and have a different body from yesterday, it takes awhile to change. Yes, it creeps up on you but at some point it has to stop creeping and you have to know something isn't right. Just as if you get into a funk and can't shake it, you know something isn't right.
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheSisterWife View Post
    Walking rocks. I achieve my target fat burning food per hour. If I work harder, I get into cardio range and stop burning fat. Work smarter, not harder. You don't have to destroy your muscles to lose weight, especially when you're not in awesome shape to begin with.

    ETA: BTW, I just got home from the gym. Know what I wanted to do on the way home? Buy a Big Mac. These changes are not easy, and the struggle doesn't end at target weight. This is something we may struggle with for the rest of our lives. So even that girl that you see coming home from the gym smiling, drenched in sweat every single day, with a healthy BMI and an "ideal" dress size? She may still have to force herself not to stuff her face. Some days, it's every minute of the entire day. You are NOT alone. to all.
    What is the best time for gym? Is it evening or morning? My trainer said that it's not a problem for both of time but morning gym is best. What do you say?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Begather View Post
    What is the best time for gym? Is it evening or morning? My trainer said that it's not a problem for both of time but morning gym is best. What do you say?
    This thread is 4+ years old, and has nothing really do to with working out and gyms. Your best bet is to start your own thread in health and wellness, and ask when people work out.
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