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Thread: Doll S/O

  1. Mom to Rebekah
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    Doll S/O

    Toy guns?

    what do you think of them?

    does your child(ren) play with them?

    Why or why not?
    Mom to Rebekah
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    I think they're fine. My mom doesn't let my little brother have them. He still turns just about every toy he has into a gun though.
    I just feel like it's not a big deal. It doesn't hurt anyone.
    HE'S HOME!
  3. Banned
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    He does. The rule is he's not to point it at people or dogs. Cats are fair game.

    He runs around the house clearing rooms with it.
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    We don't have kids, but we agreed that it was okay as long as they didn't really look at all like a real gun. We also want to introduce it to them when they are old enough to get what it is, no younger then 5 or 6.
  5. Hooked on the sauce
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    Is it wrong that my DH has 3 nerf guns (including the battery powered SAW gun)?

    Toy guns are acceptable in my house. You just kind of have to teach your kids the do's and dont's with them. (i.e. Don't point them at people).
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    I played with them and Im not a serial killer, BUT I know I wont purposely go out and by them for my kids... maybe a water gun but none of those toys that actually look like real guns. But then again I'm also very anti-gun.
  7. Banned
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    now i have never gave my kids toy guns and really only be/c they are still really little. but when he plays with blocks, what is the first thing he does? shoot shit with his "gun" of blocks. I don't think it really matters if you give them a gun or not. They are boys: they want to destroy shit.
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    if dd or future ds wants a toy gun we'll have to assess why they want one (just because all their friends have them, being made fun of from not having one, etc) and honestly most kids will make a toy gun out of their fingers regardless of having the actually toy
  9. Darkly Dreaming Dexter
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    My kids have water-guns ... and they're not allowed to pretend to kill or hurt people.
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    i personally don't see anything wrong with them as long as they're age appropriate. i.e. a toddler should not have a nerf dart gun or super soaker...stuff like that. just for safety's sake. my son will make "pow pow" noises while playing with his action figures. lol.
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