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Thread: Mandatory Prison Experience

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    Mandatory Prison Experience

    Do you think it would be beneficial or detrimental to average, non-criminal American citizens to have to spend an amount of time in a prison environment? Not hardcore, full on, prison with shanks and murderers and rapists, but a special type of prison that has the same basic lifestyle as regular prison, for the sole purpose of experiencing life without the luxuries we enjoy every day.

    If no, why not?

    If yes, what do you think would be beneficial about it, and what period of time do you think would be the adequate learning experience? 2 weeks? Month? Year?

    Seems off the wall But this was inspired by a report a woman wrote about a meditation retreat she went on.
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    Nope, I absolutely do not. People should not be punished just to find out what it is like. However, I do think it would be beneficial if people helped others out more and therefore had to forgo some of their luxuries.

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    I think it would be very interesting. Empathy at it's finest, as well as a good look at what COULD happen if you choose not to abide by our laws. I would do it, for the experience.

    ETA- Nevermind, I forgot about the MANDANTORY part. Maybe, for troubled teens, as an option before actual prison?
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    I don't think anything like that should be "mandatory."
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    My ma works in a prison and has inmates that consistently come back in because they have nowhere else to go. They get free room, board, meals, and get a little extra if they work on the chain-gangs. I think prison might be a luxury for some.

    On a serious note, I don't really see a benefit. The only benefits I see are on shows like Scared Straight. For the little delinquent kids that need to see what's going to happen if their behavior keeps up.
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    I don't think so, I don't need to experiance prison in any form to know I don't want to go there . I don't steal, I don't do drugs, etc so I see no need to be forced to experiance prison lite.
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    Um, no.
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    whats the point of being a law abiding citizen if your going to go to jail anyway?
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    Might be beneficial for the trouble maker teens. Maybe it would help prevent some of them from continuing down the wrong path.

    I think it would be interesting to try it (for what I said) and see what the results show.
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    Not at all, not for average, law-abiding citizens. I think that people have enough to worry about in life without needing to go sit in prison "just to see what it's like". I also don't agree with people needing to know what it's like to go without. I think at some point in their life, most people have felt that to some degree, and it's not something that anyone should have to do.

    Perhaps for individuals who are "on that road" who need a wake-up call to see where they will end up if they don't stop their behavior, it would be a great thing.
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