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Thread: Sheltered S/O

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    Question Sheltered S/O

    How much should a parent "shelter" their child?

    how much do you shelter your own kids? (if you have them)
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    I think parents should protect their children from physical and mental harm, and each parent should determine what that means for their child.

    We don't let our little guy watch TV, because we feel it would be detrimental to his development. That's really all, thus far, because he's only 16 months.
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    Every child is different so every child is going to need different levels of shelteredness (yeah I did just make-up a word.)
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    we control how much our child watches...what environments we introduce him to...things like that.

    i will always do my best to protect my children from harm...both emotional, physical, and mental. it really depends on the situation to know how sheltered a child should be.
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    I will not shelter Bailey much. She will need to be prepared for the real world and me sheltering her wont help her cope with how stuff really happens.
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    I am guilty of sheltering both of my kids (well, I haven't had much time with DD)

    I need to back off a little and LET DS get hurt everyone once and while... it won't kill him and natural consequences might be more effective for him.
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    i cannot speak for everyone else, only about how we parent.

    for our girls we do not shelter, we cannot shelter in a lot of ways because of dh and his illnesses.

    we have prepared our children for pretty much everything that we can think of that they could come into contact with in the future.

    i think for us we try hard to avoid sheltering, because we both grew up in a sheltered home and rebelled every chance that we got. thankfully with one 16 yr old, 14 yr old and 11 yr old now, we have not seen any rebellion. bad mistakes but never rebellion.
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    We don't shelter our kids too much. They know what goes on in the real world, we try to monitor our children the best we can but I want them to have a good understanding of the outside world before they leave the house.

    Plus I look at it this way, if I shelter them now WTF am I looking at when they go to college? A couple of skinny, pretty little blonde girls that never experienced anything outside their home let loose on a college campus.
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    I'm not so much worried about what they see and hear as I am about what they think of it...
    Life is full of too much - you can't shield them from all of it, I gave up doing that a long time ago and, instead, I just try to help them make sense of it all.

    As an example - we live next to a farm.
    We've seen critters have sex, give birth, nurse, get killed and fight . . . all I can do is say "well, they're dogs/cats/cows/deer ... that's what they do."
    Of course, on my personal comfort level, I'd rather not have to discuss cow-sex at all but, whatcha gonna do? Give the cows a room of their own?
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    Yes, I will shelter my dd but not to the point where she doesn't have street smarts. DD will grow up knowing US culture but also other international cultures where things are very different. So she will be exposed to conservative modes of dress, absolute abstention from alcohol, chaperoned-only courtship, intense focus on education, deep respect for elders and other things as well. It think it's valuable to expose her to the idea that the world is a diverse place and really, she has a lot of choices on how to be a young woman in this world outside of stereotypes from everyone from girls gone wild to organized religion.
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