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Thread: term, whole Life Ins.

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    term, whole Life Ins.

    Which is better Term or Whole Life insurance?
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    depends on the situation. i think whole life is a great thing to have, but in more dangerous situations, you should also have term.
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    It depends upon your needs and your purposes for buying the insurance. A lot of people use whole life as an investment vehicle in addition to the insurance protection.

    Go research some articles on or The personal finance section of Yahoo has some great articles on insurance as well. I would also advise you to get three different opinions from financial professionals such as an insurance agent or financial advisor on how much and what type you need for your particular situation. Don't be shy with your questions and be sure to push back in they get "salesy". You can get referrals from other professionals such as attorneys and accountants as well. They may even know of an agent who specializes in military families.
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    It's all situational.

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