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Thread: adoption or not *question added to OP*

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    adoption or not *question added to OP*

    Say you are one of the many women who have found it hard (if not impossible) to get pregnant. You and your SO want a child so badly, but for some reason you just aren't blessed with your own. What do you do? Do you go through other more expensive options to be able to have your own, or would you adopt?

    I'm asking, because a cousin of mine has been married 7 years now. She can not conceive. It is literally impossible. She wants a baby, she wanted to adopt, but her husband will not hear of having any child other than one of their own.

    So, what do you think? Would you feel the same way he does, would you adopt, or would you just give up and live life without a child?

    **Addition: Does it matter what age? Would you be more likely to adopt an infant over an 8 year old?
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    We plan on adopting whether or not we have a "natural" child.
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    I would adopt internationally. I know, I know "There are thousands of American children that would love to be adopted"

    But because of my past experience with adoption, I would feel much more comfortable adopting overseas.

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    Im all for adopting if I cant have my own children or maybe even adopting regardless.
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    There are a LOT of people who are extremely attached to the idea of having biological children only. And there's nothing wrong with that. I think it's just different for different people. Personally, passing on my genes means very little. My husband and I may adopt when D is a teenager.
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    I have one son already and if God is willing then we'll probably adopt one more. This world has way to many children that have been abandoned by their parents and I know that helping one have a home to call his/her own.. even just one of them makes a difference.
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    We have discussed adoption a lot. I have fertility problems, but DH is fertile as can be At first he didn't like the idea of adoption, but after talking about it, he has come around to the idea a little more. By next year I expect us to be adopting a child

    For the other part of you question, I could have lived my life childless, DH is the one who wants children so bad.
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    I am all for adoption! DH and I talked about it before, but then we kinda decided that two kids was enough for us. But I think adoption is a great way to go.
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    We're going to adopt anyways.
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    I am all for adopting? Why want a child so bad and not opt to adopt? It's different for everyone I guess.
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