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Thread: Why does someone HAVE to read a whole thread?

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    Why does someone HAVE to read a whole thread?

    I'm putting this in debates for a REASON


    Why does a person HAVE to read a whole thread to answer the OP?!

    Seriously? Some of the more recent threads in the past few weeks, have gone on for days/posts... Is it really fair to get mad/chastise the peeps that are just responding to the OP?

    I don't think so. Just because they are responding to the OP, SO WHAT?! They'll go back and read the whole thread eventually. Not everyone is here 24/7. They can't sit here and hope they have witty posts to respond with right away...

    Yes I'm probably referring to myself more than all.. But seriously let's not get down on peeps who can't be here forever. Give us time to help out/ respond to stuff..

    If I'm outta line, just say so, but if you agree let me hear ya too!
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    Because otherwise you can make yourself look like a total douche.
  3. it's cliche but live, laugh, love.
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    I would suggest reading the whole thread before you post so then you have a better understanding of the thread itself. JMO.

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    I have often wondered this as well. Honestly, when a thread is pages long and I am reading along I like to respond as I go rather than read for three hours and never get a post in because of others continuing to post, thus making my reading even longer.
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    This reminds me of my old siggy!!!

  6. MilitarySOS Jewel
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    because you can miss important information, responses, questions that have already been asked and answered...
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    It depends on the thread. I think its most irritating when the Original Post was found on snopes or something to be wrong. Then people come in and comment about how awful it is even though we have all just got done discussing how it is not true. Then that person never comes back to the thread to find out that the information was wrong and they still believe it.

    Personally, there is really no point in participating in certain threads unless you are going to read them. With other threads its okay.
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    so you know what's going on if there have already been 100 posts and you jump in, there might of already been things talked about or updated and you don't know because you haven't read it.
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    I just think if it is controversial and you reply to the OP you are just beating a dead horse at that point.

    I mean, if you post on how stupid the OP is for posting something when they are posting pictures of LOLcats.... it just seems kinda off base. It doesn't take but two seconds to click the last page and see the topic of discussion?
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    You don't have to read the entire thread, but damn, you can at least skim through and skip every five pages or so just to get a GIST of the thread. It's common courtesy.

    It's obnoxious to come in after 30 pages and proclaim, "Well, no way am I reading this thread but ...."

    Nobody fucking cares anymore.
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